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The historical detail for the reasons I claim Australia did not exist before the 26th of January 1788 is in chapter 2 of my book Prison Hulk to Redemption. The philosophical arguments about what it means to be a people are in my essay Edmund Burke on what it means to be a people. (See previous post) Both should be read in combination to appreciate the full argument. Below is the relevant section of chapter 2 of my book.

Chapter 2

 A brief account of the early years of the Colony

On the 28th of April 1770, the then Lieutenant James Cook steered his ship, Endeavour, into a broad open bay and dropped anchor at its southern shore. He named it Stingray Bay because of the abundance in its waters of stingrays on which his crew gorged. He later crossed out Stingray Bay in the ship’s logs and entered Botany Bay in tribute to Botanist Joseph Banks, the ship’s eager scientist. Banks had put together an impressive collection of specimens of unknown plants and animals after trekking around the land bordering the bay’s shores.

Cook and Endeavour were on their way back to England after carrying out the official task of observing the transit of Venus from the island of Tahiti. There were also unofficial tasks one of which was to investigate the existence of the South Land whose ancient mythology promised great riches of all kinds. From Roman times, it had been called Terra Australis Incognita – Unknown South Land. The search for the mysterious land of the south had occupied the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Spanish, and lately the English in the person of William Dampier (1688 and 1689).  Dampier added little to the findings of the Dutch seamen.

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FOR THE TIME BEING, I am consumed with reading and research for the final third of my novel, TIMES OF DISTRESS, the first book in my Winterbine Series. I have little time for other writing which explains why most of my posts on my two websites are links (sometimes with an introduction) to essays on comments I feel are of particular interest.

I will resume my political comments as soon as I can. I will also re-post my revised essays on Edmund Burke.

I have recently opened a Facebook page for The Edmund Burke Society – Australia. I would really appreciate it if you would give it a like. The more likes it has, the more coverage the page gets. Many thanks.

Purging the wrongthinkers

Controversial YouTubers head to alternative platforms in wake of ‘purge’

By Julia Alexander  Mar 7, 2018

(The writer of this article has no sympathy for youtube conservatives. She writes from a politically correct base, lazily – and uncomprehendingly – sticking the usual PC labels on people like Dave Cullen. The background to the purge is accurate.)

SteemIt’s CEO Ned Scott doesn’t believe in censorship; a stance that has won him and his platform fans in recent months.

The appeal of video platform, DTube, which runs on the Steem blockchain database, is almost directly tied to what many creators allege has been happening on YouTube for more than a year: the “YouTube Purge,” an alleged condemnation of right-wing political channels, pro-gun advocates and conspiracy theorists, that’s led to claims of censorship on Google’s video platform.

As YouTube attempts to crack down on content it deems hateful, bullying or promoting dangerous conspiracy theories, people are looking for alternatives. DTube is a decentralized video platform with little to no moderation that uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to pay its users. BitChute is similar, but whereas DTube takes much of its design inspiration from YouTube, BitChute looks like an older version of LiveLeaks. The creators of BitChute describe themselves as a “small team making a stand against Internet censorship because we believe it is the right thing to do.”

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Dave Cullen and Black Pigeon are on Bitchute

Roger Scruton dies

Roger Scruton, perhaps the greatest philosopher of the 20th century, has died. He has left a vast trove of philosophical writing that will require inexhaustible study. It is significant that the left did all it could to destroy him. His FOOLS, FRAUDS AND FIREBRANDS: THINKERS OF THE NEW LEFT (2005) is among his most powerful books. The Edmund Burke Society strongly recommends this book to gain an understanding of left’s motivations over the last 60 years.

EPPC Mourns Death of Sir Roger Scruton

January 13, 2020, Ethics and Public Policy Center

The Ethics and Public Policy Center mourns the death of EPPC Senior Fellow Sir Roger Scruton, who died on Sunday, January 12, at age 75.

“We grieve the loss of our brilliant colleague Roger Scruton. We are deeply grateful that Roger made EPPC his American think-tank home for the past seven years. He has left a remarkably robust intellectual legacy,” said EPPC President Ed Whelan.

The author of more than 50 books on topics such as art, music, architecture, conservation, philosophy, and religion, Sir Roger was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2016 for his “services to philosophy, teaching and public education.” In 2019, he earned recognition from the governments of Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic for his courageous anti-communist efforts and his legacy of moral and intellectual leadership.

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Victim of unmerciful leftist attack

Drag queen protester Wilson Gavin’s suicide exposes horrors of online abuse

The suicide of a young conservative activist just hours after he ­attracted a storm of online abuse for leading a protest against a drag queen reading event for children has ­supercharged debate over the use of social media as a weapon to ­attack political opponents.

Wilson Gavin, 21, was openly gay but vehemently committed to conservative causes such as the ­monarchy and opposition to same-sex marriage.

His suicide followed a barrage of social media abuse over his role in the protest at a ­Brisbane council library on Sunday.

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Who are the weepers, who are the complainers?

Once upon a time, long, long ago, the claim that women were more emotional than men – as a general rule – was rarely contradicted. Indeed, boys and young men were taught to respect that side of a woman’s nature – at least where I grew up. Everyone understood that in difficult demanding situations women were likely to end up crying – in some cases in hysterics. In all my working life, I have seen many female tears, but no blubbering male.

But our society has matured and thrown off such discriminatory views, hasn’t it? A person repeating those out of date views rightly incurs cancelling. We can’t tolerate discrimination, especially when it concerns women, can we?

But what if it is, indeed, part of a female’s nature to act emotionally under pressure? Well, I would say that nature would assert itself, as it did in the case of one seemingly drunk refugee fighting off four female police officers. No matter, the rules will still hold, and outstanding professional men guilty of wrongthink will be cancelled and their place filled by the politically correct but less competent.

The doctor won’t see you now

Leftist cancel culture is thriving in our hospitals

Tanveer Ahmed, Spectator UK

The ‘cancel culture’ is becoming more pronounced among doctors, highlighting the leftist drift of the profession.

The latest worrying example is the standing down of the world-renowned obstetrician Professor Hans Dietz from Nepean Hospital in Sydney’s outer suburbs. This occurred last month a week before Christmas.

Dietz made comments in an email that ‘an increasingly vulnerable workforce’ amongst doctors was in part related to a higher proportion of female doctors. He also stated that women were more likely to take time off for training,  were more expensive to train and spent fewer years working due to child-rearing demands.

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Facebook throws its leftist weight around

My attempt to post Paul Joseph Watson’s video on Australia’s bushfires on Facebook got this jackboot response.

Independent fact-checkers at Science Feedback say that this post has false information. To help stop the spread of false news, a notice will be added to your post if you decide to share this. Pages and websites that repeatedly publish or share false news will see their overall distribution reduced and be restricted in other ways.

This warning – this bullying of people with unacceptable views for our new Maoist class – shows just where Facebook has taken up its place in our society. Facebook and its fellow tyrants cannot stop me from posting the video on my website – at least not as yet.

Tiffany & Co in for mass manipulation

Tiffany & Co is the latest sanctimonious weak-kneed corporate entity to fall in with the extreme left‘s program of mass manipulation, which program is to fool the average citizen into believing Australia can take action that will have a significant effect on climate change.

It’s a total fraud. Put that beside the Tiffany product.

Will Australians be stupid enough to swallow the lies peddled by these corporate fat cats who are only interested in getting their hands in your pocket. Some of them will do and say anything for filthy lucre.

Tiffany & Co gets this week’s vomit prize.