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A paradigm Burke vs Paine debate

On 3 November 2015, in a classic Burke-vs-Paine-style debate, Garrett Ward Sheldon, John Morton Beaty Professor of Political Science at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise engaged with Stewart Harris , Professor of Law at the Appalachian School of Law, Virginia. The debate topic: ‘Does the United States Really Have a God?’ Click here to see the debate that should have every Burkean raising their hands in protest at some of Professor Harris’s arguments.

It is really not worthy of an academic of Professor Harris’s standing to resort to the populist ‘religion is the cause of all wars’ tactic when the empirical evidence of the 20th century shouts in contradiction.

Gerard Wilson

Edmund Burke on the pretexts of conflict – from The Reflections on the Revolution in France

We do not draw the moral lessons we might from history. On the contrary, without care it may be used to vitiate our minds and to destroy our happiness. In history a great volume is unrolled for our instruction, drawing the materials of future wisdom from the past errors and infirmities of mankind. It may, in the perversion, serve for a magazine furnishing offensive and defensive weapons for parties in church and state, and supplying the means of keeping alive or reviving dissensions and animosities, and adding fuel to civil fury. History consists for the greater part of the miseries brought upon the world by pride, ambition, avarice, revenge, lust, sedition, hypocrisy, ungoverned zeal, and all the train of disorderly appetites which shake the public with the same

— troublous storms that toss
The private state, and render life unsweet.

These vices are the causes of those storms. Religion, morals, laws, prerogatives, privileges, liberties, rights of men are the pretexts. The pretexts are always found in some specious appearance of a real good. You would not secure men from tyranny and sedition by rooting out of the mind the principles to which these fraudulent pretexts apply? If you did, you would root out everything that is valuable in the human breast. As these are the pretexts, so the ordinary actors and instruments in great public evils are kings, priests, magistrates, senates, parliaments, national assemblies, judges, and captains. You would not cure the evil by resolving that there should be no more monarchs, nor ministers of state, nor of the gospel; no interpreters of law; no general officers; no public councils. You might change the names. The things in some shape must remain. A certain quantum of power must always exist in the community in some hands and under some appellation. Wise men will apply the irremedies to vices, not to names; to the causes of evil which are permanent, not to the occasional organs by which they act, and the transitory modes in which they appear. Otherwise you will be wise historically, a fool in practice. Seldom have two ages the same fashion in their pretexts and the same modes of mischief. Wickedness is a little more inventive. Whilst you are discussing fashion, the fashion is gone by. The very same vice assumes a new body. The spirit transmigrates, and, far from losing its principle of life by the change of its appearance, it is renovated in its new organs with a fresh vigor of a juvenile activity. It walks abroad, it continues its ravages, whilst you are gibbeting the carcass or demolishing the tomb. You are terrifying yourselves with ghosts and apparitions, whilst your house is the haunt of robbers. It is thus with all those who, attending only to the shell and husk of history, think they are waging war with intolerance, pride, and cruelty, whilst, under color of abhorring the ill principles of antiquated parties, they are authorizing and feeding the same odious vices in different factions, and perhaps in worse.
Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790)

Make December blue for boys

Boys in Australian schools are presently being subjected to a cruel program of radical re-education. The program aims to rid them of the idea that they are different from the girls around them. It is to reprogram them so that think no differently from girls.

The difference is typically the thought that boys are more suitable to some tasks in society than girls, those tasks usually requiring strength and agility. Or worse, the thought that boys are more suitable to leadership roles than girls. Less repugnant is the belief that boys’ preference for recreational activities or hobbies or other such things is generally different from that of girls.

Whatever the degree of repugnance, the maintenance of such differences is in the last resort a malignant part of the illegitimate segregation that bourgeois capitalist society has placed on its members. The idea that boys are different or superior in some respects to girls is, according to the Marxists who created and run the campaign, the justification for boys thinking that they can do violence to girls at will. That segregation and the way boys think must be destroyed. The masculine violent-inducing manner of thinking must be eradicated. Continue reading Make December blue for boys