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Andrews Government – More Marxist legislation

The Andrews Marxist Government has passed the Gender Equality Act which is fundamentally Marxist. It is the Andrews Government’s forced erasure of natural differences in ability and sex for the relief of an imagined oppressed class (women) and the putting down of the oppressor class (men).

A certain percentage of men will not realise their capability nor put into practice the qualifications they have spent years acquiring. A woman of inferior ability and qualifications, and probably commitment, will take their place. The hard work and dedication will have been for nothing.

Not only men will suffer this insane discrimination, but their wives and children into the bargain. Those women who see their husband’s and children’s welfare destroyed should know who is to blame.

Of course, there will be no gender equity in the dirty filthy dangerous jobs that men do and have always done.

The Marxist degradation of Australian society continues.


Victoria has passed historic Gender Equality Act


gender equality

Victoria has just made history, passing the country’s first ever state-based Gender Equality Act and establishing new standards for equity and equality in the state.

The Andrews Labor Government’s Gender Equality Bill 2019 has passed through the Parliament and marks a major legislative push to address workplace gender barriers and gender discrimination.

The Act aim to ensure that workplaces publicly report on their gender equality progress whilst also implementing gender equality action plans.

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Cowardly Rubbishing of the traditional woman

What could Allison Langdon of Australia’s Nine Network be thinking? It shows how out of touch film and television celebrities are. News reports say the ratings for the Langdon/Stefanovic duo’s TODAY SHOW have slumped yet again. What do they expect? Mocking and rubbishing a woman for putting her husband and children first would turn off many woman who have chosen for a working career, let alone those who have chosen for their family either full-time or work part-time.

Bettina Arndt attacked for AM

That grubby shallow woke news platform opened its report on the reaction to Bettina Arndt’s receiving an Australia Day honour – Member of the Order of Australia – with this sentence:

Australians have reacted with fury to controversial commentator and men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt being recognised in this year’s Australia Day awards.

When the dominant PC class talk about ‘Australians’, they mean people who think like them, hold the same intolerant views, and work to disqualify those disagreeing with them. The report is nothing more than a one-sided listing from the usual suspects of all Arndt’s crimes, the worst of which is her advocacy for men. Cub reporter Ben Graham’s report was headlined:

Controversial commentator given Australia Day honour for ‘advocacy for men’

A controversial commentator and sex therapist who’s stoked fury among feminists has been given an Australia Day honour for her “advocacy for men”.

There can be no greater crime in Australia than sticking up for men and resisting the tsunami of abuse pouring from the demented feminists who infest all corners of academia, the public service, and government. A representative sample from ‘journalist’ Sherele Moody:

“Arndt’s work is not about gender equity. It’s misogyny-driven hate designed to keep women barefoot, pregnant and tied to the kitchen sink.”

You would think that after all the millions of feminist words denouncing men, Moody could be a little more inventive. Her appearance would indicate she has no place whatever for men of any sort in her world (see following post with Janice Fiamengo latest video).

There has been plenty of support for Arndt from those recognising the appalling anti-male bigotry rife in Western society and the growing disadvantage of men and boys. Janice Fiamengo and Karen Straughan are foremost among those. (Links to the Fiamengo File episodes are in my feminism page. ) What Bettina thinks exactly about the issue of men and feminism can be found on her website.

Hating men as a commitment and way of life

Brittany Sellner (formerly Pettibone) shows where we are with the hatred of men. She quotes from a representative tweet:

‘Hating men isn’t a meme for me. It’s not an online persona. It’s a commitment. It’s a way of life.’

The tweet drew 190k+ expressions of hatred showing that it’s not only allowable to hate men, but that it is a recommended lifestyle. In other words, it’s recommended to abuse men wherever a woman comes across this despicable piece of shit – on the street, in the office, in the bus, in shops, in the family and, so on.

The hatred of men, however, is not just hatred of men generally. No, it’s ‘white men’ that women should reserve their deepest hatred for. Sellner quotes one tweet that suggests white extermination may be the final solution to the problem:

‘This isn’t for white people. Fuck your ancestors.’

Where’s this going? Are white men going to endure this indefinitely? Will those who do the dirtiest, most humiliating, and most dangerous jobs in modern society swallow this treatment indefinitely?

Who are the weepers, who are the complainers?

Once upon a time, long, long ago, the claim that women were more emotional than men – as a general rule – was rarely contradicted. Indeed, boys and young men were taught to respect that side of a woman’s nature – at least where I grew up. Everyone understood that in difficult demanding situations women were likely to end up crying – in some cases in hysterics. In all my working life, I have seen many female tears, but no blubbering male.

But our society has matured and thrown off such discriminatory views, hasn’t it? A person repeating those out of date views rightly incurs cancelling. We can’t tolerate discrimination, especially when it concerns women, can we?

But what if it is, indeed, part of a female’s nature to act emotionally under pressure? Well, I would say that nature would assert itself, as it did in the case of one seemingly drunk refugee fighting off four female police officers. No matter, the rules will still hold, and outstanding professional men guilty of wrongthink will be cancelled and their place filled by the politically correct but less competent.

The doctor won’t see you now

Leftist cancel culture is thriving in our hospitals

Tanveer Ahmed, Spectator UK

The ‘cancel culture’ is becoming more pronounced among doctors, highlighting the leftist drift of the profession.

The latest worrying example is the standing down of the world-renowned obstetrician Professor Hans Dietz from Nepean Hospital in Sydney’s outer suburbs. This occurred last month a week before Christmas.

Dietz made comments in an email that ‘an increasingly vulnerable workforce’ amongst doctors was in part related to a higher proportion of female doctors. He also stated that women were more likely to take time off for training,  were more expensive to train and spent fewer years working due to child-rearing demands.

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This is ‘your ABC’

The latest Q&A program on ‘our’ ABC was a long delusional rant by a group of hysterical feminists who reduced the world to a cruel white patriarchy in which all women were the victims. So the viewer was exposed to a frenzy of anti-white anti-male bigotry and weeping crying helpless victimology.

The leading ranter was a self-styled ‘Egyptian-American’ woman who could barely stop herself from calling for the wholesale slaughter of men, as she did on another occasion (see previous blog). This is indeed ‘your ABC’ as the current ABC promotion goes.

Yes, it is the ABC, Australia’s fortress of Marxist traitors who are pursuing their campaign of perverting everything that was good about Australia with its largely Anglo population. A key part of that campaign is to disappear the Anglos and replace them with a more appropriate brand of person, presumably ‘people of colour’ like the deluded Egyptian-American.


ABC TV pulled the program from their platform after a storm of understandable criticism. The Egyptian-American unbowed and unperturbed continued her delusional rant on other social media platforms. provided the relevant clip of the disturbed fantasist in action

Christina Hoff Sommers’ short comment on this feminist type.