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This is ‘your ABC’

The latest Q&A program on ‘our’ ABC was a long delusional rant by a group of hysterical feminists who reduced the world to a cruel white patriarchy in which all women were the victims. So the viewer was exposed to a frenzy of anti-white anti-male bigotry and weeping crying helpless victimology.

The leading ranter was a self-styled ‘Egyptian-American’ woman who could barely stop herself from calling for the wholesale slaughter of men, as she did on another occasion (see previous blog). This is indeed ‘your ABC’ as the current ABC promotion goes.

Yes, it is the ABC, Australia’s fortress of Marxist traitors who are pursuing their campaign of perverting everything that was good about Australia with its largely Anglo population. A key part of that campaign is to disappear the Anglos and replace them with a more appropriate brand of person, presumably ‘people of colour’ like the deluded Egyptian-American.


ABC TV pulled the program from their platform after a storm of understandable criticism. The Egyptian-American unbowed and unperturbed continued her delusional rant on other social media platforms. provided the relevant clip of the disturbed fantasist in action

Christina Hoff Sommers’ short comment on this feminist type.

The Big lie of feminism

There are many articulate women on the internet attacking feminism. In Australia we have Bettina Arndt, Daisy Cousens, and Sydney Watson. Daisy Cousens and Sydney Watson are young attractive women, but don’t be fooled. They are articulate, intelligent and do their homework. In America there is a battalion size group hammering the feminists. The best of them for me is Janice Fiamengo whose vlog is The Fiamengo file. Here’s her latest.

Is this the worst analogical argument you’ve ever heard?

There are feminists in high positions who seemed to have been born with a degraded reasoning faculty, compensated for by rampant emotions that we are to take as rational thinking.

Sarah Silverman thinks it’s time to start legislating male masturbation

Look, Sarah Silverman gets it. We live in a country filled with anti-abortion activists who feel they have the right to decide what a woman does with her body. It sucks, but that’s where we’re at. In 2016. Sure, fine, OK.

But if we’re going to defend the right of men to enact laws that limit the options of pregnant women, Silverman has just one follow-up question: Shouldn’t we do the same with men who wish to regularly masturbate without consideration for the poor sperm cells they kill every time they do so? Read on…


Pushing back on the feminist narrative about ‘toxic masculinity’

The following has appeared on Mark Latham’s Outsiders website:

Calls for government to end “culture of denial”

Posted by  on July 18, 2017
“Toxic masculinity” is a rancid term. It belittles all the many magical elements of masculinity and underlines society’s relentless war on men. Apparently, they only have themselves to blame for being rapists, murderers and women bashers.  Read on…

‘Our feral media attacks Cassie Jaye’

Bettina Arndt‘s comment on the media’s treatment of Cassie Jaye, maker and director of The Red Pill, is worth reading.

What is going on in this country?  I’ve spent the last few days looking after Cassie Jaye, the filmmaker who produced the wonderful documentary on men’s issues – The Red Pill. Australia became the first country in the world to ban the movie last October. We then saw a series of screenings closed down due to protests from tiny groups of feminist extremists, with cinema owners even given death threats for daring to show the movie. Read on

‘Feminism and the disposable male’

The documentary THE RED PILL by film maker Cassie Jaye has caused some nailing-biting among the mindless left in Australia. It’s been embarrassing to listening to the ‘commentary’ of some of Australia’s more popular television ‘talk’ shows. The critics on Seven’s ‘Sunrise’, and Ten’s ‘Project’ and ‘Studio Ten’ launched into Cassie Jaye, a delightful young woman, with the bare-face admission that they had not seen her documentary. It was kindergarten level stuff. Mark Latham accurately describes their performance on his most recent program under the heading of ‘What’s gone wrong with the mainstream media’. At a later date I will post my review of the highly praised ‘The Red Pill’.

One of the people Cassie Jaye interviewed was Karen Straughan, a leading figure in the defence of men against the Marxist feminists who now dominate women’s issues. Straughan gave impetus to the Men’s Movement with a video posted five years ago in which she outlines the false claims feminists make about men and their alleged power, violence and oppression of women.  Watching her video ‘Feminism and the Disposable Male’ will be a good introduction to Cassie Jayes’ The Red Pill. Straughan’s video has had nearly 1.5 million views.

Gerard Wilson




Labor MP Kate Ellis gives in to a mother’s natural feeling

Labor Shadow Minister for Early Education, Kate Ellis, has announced her decision to leave parliament at the next election. The Australian reported her reasons:

‘In a letter sent to constituents today, Ms Ellis said one of the principal reasons for leaving is the age of her young son, who will start primary school during the next term of parliament.

“I have made this decision for one simple reason: I cannot bear the thought of spending at least 20 weeks of every year in Canberra away from my son, who will be starting school in the next term of Parliament, and from the rest of my family,” she said.

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