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A heritage of internecine violence

Wadeye: Failed State as Cultural Triumph

Patrick McCauley, Quadrant, 1 July 2022

The politically expedient and prideful apology from Kevin Rudd to all Aboriginal people on behalf of all Australians angered me. That it was so popular drove me to despair. I cannot shake off the feeling that this current fad amongst left-wing governments (even the Vatican) to apologise for past wrongs is really scraping the very bottom of the “spin” barrel and is in fact a form of political arrogance that will do more to exacerbate past tragedies than to redress them. The inimitable Theodore Dalrymple suggests:

…official apologies for distant events, however important or pregnant with consequences those events may have been … have bad effects on both those who give them and those who receive them.

The effect on the givers is the creation of a state of spiritual pride. Insofar as the person offering the apology is doing what no one has done before him, he is likely to consider himself the moral superior of his predecessors. He alone has had the moral insight and courage to apologise.

On the other hand, he knows full well that he has absolutely no personal moral responsibility for whatever it is that he is apologising for. In other words, his apology brings him all kudos and no pain.

Plato defined love as the “desire for the perpetual possession of the good”. The classical Greek thinkers disapproved of compassion—they saw it as a type of pity and doubted its reasonableness and therefore its justice. Nietzsche declared that human beings wallow in pity as swine do in mud—that their pity for others was indistinguishable from their pity for themselves and that they must master their compassion in the name of higher considerations. Perversely, it is the left side of politics that has defined a dreadful orthodoxy based on “the good” as compassion and human rights (equality, equity, positive discrimination, affirmative action, social justice, global ethics) together with a deep and pervasive hatred of the world of civilisation and of men. We are now expected to hate ourselves, our country and Western democracies in general, in order to be considered intelligent and humane beings. In order to love Aboriginal people, we must hate Australia, its history, and Australians.

Yet each man kills the thing he loves,
By each let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word.
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man with a sword!

For me, just emerging from two decades of the abuse and discrimination meted out by the Family Law Act, Rudd’s maternalistic apology became a nemesis in a life decimated by this left-wing orthodoxy based on compassion. I had spent several years working with Aboriginal people back in the Seventies before my futile attempts at love under the domestic matriarchy, and so I decided to take a teaching position at the isolated Aboriginal community of Wadeye in the Northern Territory, to see first-hand how the Rousseau-inspired Coombsian theories had played out in reality.

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What’s the best term for faux indigenous?


For a long time, I struggled to think of a term or name for those claiming to be indigenous, but who are not full-blood from an authentic Aboriginal cultural environment.

Clearly, Ken Wyatt, former minister for Aboriginal Affairs, and his two pale-skin friends (below) are not indigenous in the literal sense for two reasons. First, they are not full-blood Aboriginals. They are not dark skinned and have very distinguishable white European features. Second, just as important, they have obviously not grown up or been educated in a traditional Aboriginal cultural environment. They have grown up and enjoyed an education in an Australian school somewhere with other Australians. So what would be an accurate term for such faux indigenous?

I first thought of ‘Australians of Aboriginal Ancestry’ (AAOA). But that did not capture the absurdity of a person indistinguishable from white Anglo-Australians calling himself Aboriginal or indigenous. Then I thought of ‘white Aboriginal’. That would highlight the preponderance of Anglo blood in such people. But that would not cater for the tinted Aboriginal whose skin had a cappuccino colour.

Finally, I thought, why not call them what they are? Anglo-indigenous or Anglo-Aboriginal. They are Australians predominantly from Anglo ancestry but with varying degrees of Aboriginal ancestry, some a drop inherited from several generations ago.

These are the Australians who are agitating for separatism, for a ‘country’ within a country, all paid for by the rest of Australia. Their political campaign really amounts to an attempted coup or planned insurrection. Burning down the old Parliament House was a symbolic step in that direction.

Mark Latham on indigenous violence

Mark Latham, NSW One Nation leader, is not afraid to speak out about the violence in First Nations communities while the left typically ignore frightful circumstances that don’t fit their agenda. From his FB page.



Mark Latham, Facebook, 5 June 2022

Occasionally the mainstream media play a useful role.

This weekend The Australian newspaper has interviewed Judge Judith Kelly in the Northern Territory. She has highlighted the epidemic of violence and child sexual abuse in Indigenous communities.

Since 2000 in the Northern Territory, the police have shot dead two Aboriginal men while 52 women have died from homicides, mostly at the hands of their partners.

That puts the problem in perspective.

It’s the national tragedy the Left don’t want to talk about, preferring endless (and meaningless) Welcome to Country ceremonies and the Uluṟu Statement for a treaty and the rewriting of Australian history.

In NSW I have spoken to police officers in the Western districts of the State who say they work on the assumption that every Aboriginal child over the age of 5 has been sexually abused.

I asked Premier Dom Perrottet about this and he said “there’s no evidence to say this is true”.

That’s because Perrottet hasn’t tried to examine the evidence.

When he became Premier he said Aboriginal Affairs was a big priority for him. What has that meant in practice?

His big announcement was to fly the Aboriginal flag on the Sydney Harbour Bridge all-year-round. Something he had previously (and accurately) described as pathetic ‘virtue signaling’.

Some problems are too hard for weak politicians like Perrottet to solve. Albanese is no better.

The Indigenous in Australia have everything: TV advertising, special football jumpers, reserved employment places, flags on bridges, Sorry statements, Welcome to Country, land rights and big welfare spending.

They have everything except solutions to the nation’s worst plague, the curse of their wives and children not being able to sleep safely at night.

Say this and the Left scream ‘racist’.

The true racism (and barbarism) is to ignore the plight of little girls being raped by their drunken ‘uncles’.

Tragically, this is what most politicians do.

Mark Latham MLC

5 June 2022

White ‘indigenous’ want treaty with fellow Victorians

Marcus Stewart (or Stuart), posing as a proud man of an invented aboriginal nation, heads the video Tyerri Yoo-rrook ‘Seed of Truth’ Report Handover. Marcus’s appearance, as you can see (if you watch the video), is no different from the disgustingly white Australian citizen who has a direct family line with ancestors in the British Isles.

Marcus is of the common variety ‘white Aboriginal’ who, together with other white or tinted Aboriginals, are instigating a coup, enabled by that traitorous man, Daniel Andrews, to wrest the ownership of Victoria from the Victorian people – under the title of ‘treaty’.

Information about the coup is on the website First People’s Assembly of Victoria. The welcome page tells us that the ‘First Peoples’ are just that – a class separate and above the rest of Victorians.

Once the treaty is established, the First Peoples will tolerate us – of course, on the understanding they will be funded while busying themselves with cultural reinvention and myth-making.


‘The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria is the independent and democratically elected body to represent Traditional Owners and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Victoria.

‘We believe it’s time to negotiate a Treaty between our people and the Government of Victoria and we’re establishing the foundations and framework to enable that.’

This coup would not get off the ground if it weren’t for the collusion of Daniel Andrews and his quislings.


Quadrant magazine has published the first part of a major analysis of Anglophobia or anti-white racism in its April edition. The second part will appear in the May issue of Quadrant. At this time, the article (Pts 1 & 2) are available to subscribers only. See my tab Anglophobia – Anti-white Racism for more articles.


Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred (Part 1)

Richard Harrison & Frank Salter, Quadrant 31 March, 2022

In recent decades, the taboo against hostile discrimination has intensified. Racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and transphobia have been elevated to a point where they are now considered tantamount to criminal acts. Yet during the same period, discrimination against Anglos has been largely ignored.

(Note: In this series of articles, the term Anglo refers to people descended from the indigenous population of the British Isles in Australia and overseas as well as those who have assimilated into those populations. It can include kindred ethnic and cultural categories, namely people of European descent and Western civilisation as a whole.)

This discrimination needs a name commensurate with its importance. We have chosen the term Anglophobia. A clear statement of the scope and types of Anglophobia has become necessary.

Anglophobia is defined as hostility towards, aversion to, or discrimination against Anglo people. Anglophobia can be displayed by non-Anglos, by other white ethnicities, and by Anglos themselves. Hostility and suspicion towards Anglo and white Australians have become systemic in multicultural institutions. This hostility appears to be intensifying as ethno-religious diversity increases. It is harming Australians in general and Anglos in particular.

If the other identity phobias are valid concepts for describing hostility towards particular groups, then so too is “Anglophobia”.

Anglophobia helps to motivate policies which disadvantage the Anglo majority. These include unrestricted large-scale immigration that is transforming our society. They also include assaults by the school system on the Anglo identity of children. Australians have never been asked to vote for these policies. Instead, they have been imposed by edict.

Multiculturalism is a policy pursued by the governments of Anglosphere nations and many others in the West since the 1970s. The form of multiculturalism adopted is not the advertised normative type. Diversity and ethnic pride are not universally celebrated. Instead, the policies are often aggressive against the founding ethnic group, acting like a form of cultural warfare intended to defeat Anglos demographically, economically and psychologically. From its beginnings in the 1970s, Anglo advocates were excluded from multicultural forums and remained the prime targets of multicultural attacks on freedom of speech and association. This is intolerable in a law-governed democracy.

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How the ABC became Marxist

With the general election just announced, the Australian public should prepare themselves for an onslaught of leftist commentary pouring from most mainstream media, from the kindergarten-level Guardian, through the Age and Sydney Morning Herald to a cluster of upstarts like Crikey, the Saturday Paper and other such forgettable aspirants. But above all, one must prepare for that great billion-dollar Monolith, the ABC, whose Marxist mentality will emerge, despite desperate efforts (by some, at least) to hide their incorrigible political bias. But is it just abuse to call the ABC political hacks Marxist?

Gerard Henderson of the Sydney Institute continually mocks the ABC as a ‘conservative free zone’. Not only is there not one producer or program presenter conservative in a meaningful sense, but there is not a single utterance of conservative thought to be heard anywhere. How did this appalling state of affairs come about when the ABC was once known for its maintenance of Australia’s conservative culture?

Henderson tells us in a comment piece in 2016 that it all started with the ascendance of Allan Ashbolt, long-time producer at the ABC. Ashbolt was Marxist and once a Marxist gets a toe-hold in any organization, steady subversion is the result which only stops when the organization is fully Marxist. So it happened at the ABC.


Allan Ashbolt’s ghost still haunts conservative-free ABC

8 January 2016|Categories: Gerard Henderson’s Weekly Column

Not surprisingly, the appointment of Australian-born, Singapore-based Google executive Michelle Guthrie as the new ABC managing director and editor-in-chief created considerable media interest. Guthrie is the first woman to head the taxpayer-funded public broadcaster and her $900,000 annual salary means she is one of the most highly paid public officials in the land.

For all that, if precedent is any guide, it does not matter much who succeeds the current managing director Mark Scott. The truth is that no one really runs the ABC. Not chairman James Spigelman and his board, which meets just once a month. And, judging by the performance of Scott and his predecessor Russell Balding, not the managing director.

Rather, for decades the ABC has been controlled by various cliques that dominate areas such as television news and current affairs, metropolitan radio, Radio National and, in contemporary times, online publications such as The Drum.

Key national news and current affairs programs such as 7.30Lateline, Q&A, Media WatchThe Drum (the TV production), RN Breakfast and Late Night Live are run by cabals that essentially re-employ or appoint like-minded people.

As Ken Inglis acknowledged in his sympathetic history This is the ABC, the leftist takeover of the public broadcaster began in the late 1960s when self-proclaimed Marxist Allan Ashbolt began stacking the organisation with young leftists. This coterie was affectionately labelled “Ashbolt’s kindergarten”.

It is this culture that has led to the reality that the ABC is a conservative-free zone without a conservative presenter, producer or editor for any of its prominent TV, radio or online products.

This is a sensitive point at the public broadcaster.

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The betrayal of the teaching profession

It is simply part of the Marxist workbook (praxis) that a nation’s education system is at the head of the list of those institutions and organizations to be subverted. Gain control of the minds of the nation’s children and you are (in the Australian vernacular) home and hosed in setting the unswerveable path to the socialist Utopia of the Marxist fantasy. That’s what has happened in Australia.

Marxists now have almost total control of children and youth from pre-school to university. The empirical evidence is overwhelming. A major plank in the school curriculum is the propagation of a version of Aboriginal history that glorifies the positives and ignores the negatives (see the Aboriginal tab). The noble savage was often just savage.

Worse, a great deal of the new version is reinvention and myth. The typical Marxist demoralisation tactic (creating shame for the past) means the almost total obliteration of a true version of Australian history from the First Fleet to the end of the 1950s when Marxist launched their determined push to gain control. That period saw a stunning period of national development and the establishment of one the world’s most enduring democracies (See my family history series). Dr Bella D’Abrera comments on the sad state of the teaching of history in Australian schools below.


Teaching Australians to be ashamed

Dr Bella D’Abrera, History Reclaimed, 17 March 2022

The teaching of History in Australian schools has become a battleground for the hearts and minds of Australians. Under the watch of a supposedly centre- right government in Australia, legions of school children are being turned against the modern state of Australia by history teachers who harbour a profound suspicion and hatred of the values and institutions of Western civilisation.

Among the myriad of lies currently being fed to the young and impressionable is the story that the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 marked the beginning of a long and brutal colonisation, and that the Indigenous population of Australia is still coming to terms with what is often referred to as an invasion and resulting genocide. This profoundly negative narrative tells all non-Indigenous Australians that they should be ashamed of both Australia and being Australian. It requires that the living apologise for the supposed sins of the long since deceased, thus encouraging Australians to live in a perpetual state of unassuageable guilt.

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Boiled Frogs: The Great Reset

Today I received the following email from Conor Court Publishing. The highlighted paragraphs describe exactly what happened in Australia. My book TONY ABBOTT AND THE TIMES OF REVOLUTION is an account of the thuggish Marxist activity at one university. One has to remember that those Marxists radicals left university to subvert whatever field, organisation, or institution they were in.


Every Friday Connor Court Publishing will share an extract from one of its recently published books. 

Today’s chapter is from  Australia Tomorrow — Edited by Jake Thrupp Your Price: $39.95



Dr Maurice Newman AC

In his 1960s bestseller, The Naked Communist, former FBI agent, W. Cleon Skousen, lays bare the post-war Marxist manifesto. He identified 46 goals ranging from re-ordering Western values and institutions to a one-world government under the United Nations.

A major objective was the capture of one or both of the major American political parties. Marxists would use the courts to weaken American institutions through technical decisions based on human
rights. Schools would become transmission belts for socialist propaganda and, by softening the curriculum, teachers’ associations would carry the party line in required-reading textbooks. Loyalty oaths would be abolished.

They aimed to infiltrate the media and control editorial writing, book reviews and student newspapers. Where possible, key positions in radio, television and film would be filled with sympathetic presenters, actors and producers.

“Cultural Marxism” would target all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship”. Lower cultural standards of morality would be encouraged through wider acceptance of pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and TV. Degeneracy and promiscuity were to be presented as “normal, natural and healthy”. Even churches would be targeted. Traditional religion would be replaced with “social” religion. The aim was to discredit the Bible and mock those who saw need for a “religious crutch”.

While the United States was the primary target, the mission was to aggressively spread the word to all parts of the Western world.

And so it came to pass.

Australia was an early adopter with post-war Labor Prime Minister Ben Chifley promoting a welfare state and pushing bank nationalisation. In the 1970s, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam took Australia further to the Left using his opposition to the Vietnam War to support anti-capitalist intellectuals as they infiltrated campuses and workplaces. Radical intellectuals in search of “big structural change” were given authority.

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The free world? Don’t make me laugh

News reports about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine often invoke the opposition between the ‘Free World’ and the brutal tyranny of authoritarian regimes like Russia, China and North Korea. As I say, don’t make me laugh.

We did indeed have a free world in 1960, based on a mixture of liberal ideas harvested from philosophers like J.S. Mill, Thomas Paine, and John Locke. There was also the fundamental equality and moral freedom inherent in Christian Aristotelianism.

But all that changed when Marxists geared up their decades-old subversion to launch an open determined attack on the West around 1965. By 2022, Marxists and Marxist ideas have captured all the major institutions of Western Society. The liberalism of Locke and Mill – of the fellow travellers – has gone down the toilet with Burkean natural law conservatism and religious belief. 

Our system of democratic government is now the puppet of leftist media organizations like the ABC, woke corporations, woke corporate leaders, universities, millionaires, overseas billionaires who fund treasonous local organizations … and the rest.

Vladimir Putin – a vandal and barbarian after all

Vladimir Putin had reasonable issues regarding Russia’s security – the same America had at the time of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. John Mearsheimer, to whom I referred in previous comments, outlined a background – NATO’s eastward movement – for Putin’s concerns about security in his video, Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? I found his case compelling.

A second reason I had sympathy for Putin’s position was his projection of a Burkean conservatism in speeches that invoked Russia’s rich history, traditions and culture. But the idea that Putin espoused a Burkean conservatism was a chimera – a chimera destroyed by a brutal invasion that has since degenerated into barbarism and vandalism.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine shows he cannot be trusted and that his nationalism is similar to that of Hitler’s or Mussolini’s, both driven by a warped vision of their history. Their form of nationalism must destroy the sympathy of those who think history, tradition, and custom, circumscribed by the natural law, are of fundamental importance to a healthy nation. Nothing can excuse the indiscriminate pulverising of Ukraine’s cities.

The best outcome now for Putin is a Pyrrhic victory, the worst, total defeat. One must have not only sympathy for the people of Ukraine, but also for the Russian people, most of whom clearly did not want a war with the people of Ukraine and who regard the Ukrainians as brothers and sisters.