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Erdogan has taken the Turkish-Dutch hostage

Celal Altuntas is a Turkish-Dutch writer who has steeped himself in ‘honour’ issues among the Muslims in Holland. He has written several books and many newspaper commentaries on the question. In a conversation with journalist Hans Moll in a cafe (pub) in Amsterdam he made claims that are of interest to any nation with migrants from Turkey.

He told Moll of his disgust at the ‘hypocritical’ attitude of many Turkish-Dutch citizens: ‘Seventy percent of Turkish-Dutch support Erdogan. This group is born and bred in Holland and has enjoyed all the freedoms and rights that is guaranteed in a fully fledged democratic state with the rule of law. It is therefore hypocritical and dishonest that precisely this group  grants the Turks in Turkey a dictatorial regime.’

Altuntas went on to make an alarming claim: ‘During the conversation,’ writes Moll, ‘Altuntas repeats is his previous claim that the Turkish people (“sheep”) have been taken hostage by Erdogan (“the shepherd”).  Although the process of taking the Turkish people hostage has been more gradual in Holland than in Turkey, Erdogan can count on the overwhelming and unconditional support of the Turkish-Dutch.’

If Altuntas is right, Turkey under dictator Erdogan already occupies that ground in Holland where the Turkish community has pitched camp.

A recent Ipsos survey taken by the Dutch newspaper De Volkskraant showed that ‘two out of three Turkish-Dutch people support the Erdogan government and about the same majority condemned Holland’s role in the diplomatic row with Turkey.’


The anti-Semite who organised the ‘Women’s March on Washington’

Those of us who have witnessed marches and demonstrations on behalf of leftist causes over the years recognised directly who the core organisers were of the carefully choreograph worldwide marches against President Trump. The violent tactics and the dark-coloured uniforms with the black masks and hoods were a give-away.  Frontpage Mag online takes the veil away from one key organiser.

It would be interesting to know how many of the useful idiots donning “pussy hats” at Saturday’s massive “Women’s March on Washington” had any idea—or even cared to know—who the principal organizers of the event were. The answer is undoubtedly close to zero, since the purpose of the entire charade—like all leftist charades—was merely to give the participants an opportunity to publicly signal their own moral superiority while smearing—as racists and fascists—anyone who doesn’t accept socialism, identity politics, and perpetual grievance mongering as the ultimate expressions of the American Dream. But for those who actually have an aversion to mindless indoctrination, the facts will be rather disturbing.

A leading organizer of the Women’s March was the Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. This group was founded shortly after 9/11—not to condemn the attacks, of course, but rather, to lament “the heightened sense of fear and the acts of blatant discrimination aimed at [the Muslim] community” in the racist wasteland known as America. On the premise that all government efforts to forestall additional terrorism constituted Nazi-like fascism, Sarsour and her organization played a central role in pressuring the New York Police Department to terminate its secret surveillance of the many Muslim groups and mosques suspected of promoting jihadism.  Read on…

Five things you need to know about Linda Sarsour

Islam without the tinted spectacles of political correctness

Fr Paul Stenhouse MSC PhD is an acknowledged expert on Islam and the Middle East. He began a series on Islam in Annals Australasia in March 2015. There are ten outstanding articles in the series covering all aspects of Islam (historical, cultural, religious and philosophical). Most important of all for a clear unbiased understanding of Islam, they are free from the Marxist framework of political correctness that vitiates most media commentary on Islam. The ten articles will appear on this website, beginning with the first three. Follow the links below:

Islam I – Christians in pre-Islamic Arabia: islam-1

Islam II – Setting the stage for Muhammad and Islam: islam-2

Islam III -Islam, the sword or the tax: islam-3

Annals Australasia describes itself as a ‘journal of Catholic culture’, first published in 1889. It is a magazine of the first quality with articles by experienced and well-qualified writers, some of whom are well-known to a general Australian readership. Its articles, commentaries and reviews cover social, political, philosophical and religious issues with appeal to non-Catholics as well as Catholics. Fr Paul Stenhouse has been its editor at least since the 1960s. For subscriptions:

‘The end of ideology?’

‘Words have no meaning if Islamic terror is simply garden-variety violence’

Robert P. Barnidge Jr. is a professor of international relations at Webster University and at the University of Haifa. He is author of “Self-Determination, Statehood, and the Law of Negotiations: The Case of Palestine” (Hart 2016). In an article for the Washington Times he disconcertingly argues that Pope Francis’s explanation of Islamic violence has a Marxist (materialist) basis. Professor Barnidge presents a powerful case with a careful analysis of the Pope’s recent comments, comments that must come across to the ordinary person as perversely biased towards Islam and Muslims. The opening paragraphs that follow are a lucid account of the key elements of Marx’s dialectical materialism leading into the professor’s compelling analysis.

Historical materialism, a theory popularized by Karl Marx and further developed and refined by others, holds that humanity progresses through stages to a class-free society. For Marxists, the course of history is best appreciated through a scientific lens, with class struggle inevitably leading to a communist future. Marx famously captured the predestined nature of history in the 1859 preface to his tome “A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy”: “It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but, on the contrary, their social existence determines their consciousness.” Continue reading ‘The end of ideology?’