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A Brief History of Antifa Part II

A Brief History of Antifa: Part II

Antifa in the United States

by Soeren Kern

  • “The only long-term solution to the fascist menace is to undermine its pillars of strength in society grounded not only in white supremacy but also in ableism, heteronormativity, patriarchy, nationalism, transphobia, class rule, and many others.” — Mark Bray, “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook,” 2017.
  • “They’re coming from other cities. That cost money. They didn’t do this on their own. Somebody’s paying for this…. What Antifa is doing is they’re basically hijacking the black community as their army. They instigate, they antagonize, they get these young black men and women to go out there and do stupid things, and then they disappear off into the sunset.” — Bernard Kerik, former commissioner of the New York City Police Department.
  • The coordinated violence raises questions about how Antifa is financed. The Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ) is an organizing group that serves as a fiscal sponsor to numerous radical left-wing initiatives, according to Influence Watch, a research group that collects data on advocacy organizations, foundations and donors…. The Open Society Foundations, Tides Foundation, Arca Foundation, Surdna Foundation, Public Welfare Foundation, and the Brightwater Fund have all made contributions to AFGJ, according to Influence Watch.
  • One of the groups funded by AFGJ is called Refuse Fascism … an offshoot of the Radical Communist Party (RCP)…. The group’s slogan states: “This System Cannot Be Reformed, It Must Be Overthrown!”

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POC immigration

Australia is constantly slandered as a (white) racist country. The hordes of POCs trying to get into Australia would seem to disprove that slander. Of course, that does not stop the slander. It does not stop the slander because the truth or falsehood of the claim (it is false) is not at issue. It is slander as a political tool. It will keep going because it is an effective tool in the worldwide Marxist campaign to destroy white influence and white civilization.

Those white countries that allow extensive POC immigration now find many of those who benefited out on the streets condemning their white hosts as racists and tearing down statues of figures once considered important in developing the standard of living that those POCs migrated to enjoy.

One wonders how long the tolerance of this insane situation will go on.

Australia’s deep state

It became clear to me years ago, that various political groups were successfully acting outside out democratic processes. Paul Collits in this Quadrant piece accurately describes the sorry situation of Australia’s democratic system.

We Already Know the Election Winner

4th May 2019

Paul Collits

Forgive me for not getting very excited by, or involved in, the current election campaign.  Despite (or perhaps because of) saturation coverage of the rather mediocre national leaders who dominate proceedings and who are the most likely to influence the eventual outcome – Morrison, Shorten, Clive Palmer (incredibly) and the Nat guy whose name I may have once known but have since forgotten – the sense of occasion is almost entirely lacking.  This is so even though we are constantly told this is an election of great consequence.  A “fork in the road” election, no less.

On the right, the Liberals have done what they always do.  They circle the wagons, attempt to bury momentarily the worst evidence of their deep and abiding disunity, claim credit for whatever positive economic news they can find, and allege that the other mob would be worse.  They say that electing the Labor Party would be a disaster.  That has been pretty much the Liberals’ electoral strategy over my lifetime and probably all the way back to the party’s birth in 1949.  The Nats merely claim now that they “get stuff” out of Treasury for the bush.  The quixotic and deeply unimpressive Palmer, seemingly now a potential kingmaker, stands for who-knows-what. 

The rest of the fractured non-Coalition right merely fight over the Senate spoils.  Of these parties, the Australian Conservatives represent perhaps most closely the values that once attracted conservatives to the old, “broad church” Liberal Party, but their electoral progress has barely registered on the radar and they lack cut-through leadership and a compelling, vote-gaining focus.  One Nation perhaps will always be associated with its own highly visible leader, but its focus on immigration, though correct and important, is limiting and the politically incorrect edge previously owned by One Nation has gone.  With Fraser Anning firing the most outrageous shots now, even Pauline is muted in impact.

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The other side of the CoviD-19 narrative

The appearance of the Corona virus has achieved what all the machinations of Western Marxists have failed to achieve since the Russian Revolution: lock people in their homes and deal what could be a fatal blow to the market economies of the West – otherwise called Capitalism.

The pretext is the COVID-19 virus. The only way to deal with this highly infectious virus is to restrict people to their homes and shut down most economic activity while printing money to ‘save’ businesses from destruction.

Christopher Ferrara in a long essay in Remnant newspaper, DONALD TRUMP and the COVID19 PANIC: A Comprehensive Analysis, discusses the other side of the story. The other side is President Trump’s strategy to deal with the virus whose effects on the evidence is hardly more serious that seasonal influenza. This is a long essay but it’s worth reading, if for nothing else than to read an alternative narrative to the present program of destruction – and the handing over of Western Society to the extreme Marxist left some of whom are already gloating over the irony of it all.

The Left cooking the books

The left have an ideological framework. The framework is Marxist. Everything must fit into that Marxist framework. That means, for example, the rewriting of history so that it fits the agenda. This is happening at present with Bruce Pasco’s Dark Emu which is the unabashed rewriting of Aboriginal history and European settlement. The major propagation arm is the ABC who in 2020 have dropped all pretence about their Marxist agenda. Another example is the ‘fudging’ of temperature records. Alan Jones interviews Dr Jennifer Marohasy. This is a must-listen-to interview. It gives a startling picture of the strategies of the climate change fanatics.

Outback Australian town ‘robbed’ of 100yo world record due to figure fudging

A small town in outback Australia has been “robbed” of a 100-year-old world record due to apparent figure fudging by the Bureau of Meteorology.

The world’s longest heatwave was recorded in outback Western Australia in 1923/24.

Marble Bar, in between Exmouth and Broome, saw temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7°C) for 160 consecutive days.

But the Bureau of Meteorology has now adjusted its records, stripping Marble Bar of the record and “cooling history”, according to Alan Jones.

Dr Jennifer Marohasy tells Alan it’s been done to suit the global warming storyline.

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Cowardly Rubbishing of the traditional woman

What could Allison Langdon of Australia’s Nine Network be thinking? It shows how out of touch film and television celebrities are. News reports say the ratings for the Langdon/Stefanovic duo’s TODAY SHOW have slumped yet again. What do they expect? Mocking and rubbishing a woman for putting her husband and children first would turn off many woman who have chosen for a working career, let alone those who have chosen for their family either full-time or work part-time.

McCain's prize-winning ad

McCain Food ANZ does not get the prize for its tasteless cardboard product that one would choose as a last resort. No, it gets the 2019 woke prize for advertising, snatching the honour from a range of gut-churning sycophantic grovelling woke advertisements that the public gets pushed in their faces.

Woke advertising is the display of vomitous gutlessness, the corporate world’s caving to the unelected political forces oppressing the population.

The McCain ad goes beyond the general woke scenario. It is a terrific promotion of gay culture. Despite this success, there are parts of the ad that would have many throwing up. No matter how oppressive the woke world becomes, there are some things in the nature of the human being it can’t change. Indeed, too much pressure might cause a rupture.

Whether one wants to call the McCain ad wokeness or political correctness or gay culture or give it some other similar leftist title, the foundation of such political activity is Marxism.

After all the worry about Communism taking over the ‘free world’, and after all the gigantic sums spent on defence, Marxism has won. Marxists now have the ‘free world’ in their grip. And lickspittle traitorous companies like McCain Foods do their bidding.

Daniel Andrews has a Marxist brain Tumor

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of the state of Victoria, is a phenomenon. There has not been a political leader in Australia’s history whose brain is so riddled with the ideology responsible for unparalleled persecution and the deaths of millions. Take a list of the foremost Marxists positions and you will find Premier Andrews subscribing to them.

Victoria’s abortion legislation is barbaric. There is no other word to describe it. His anti-bullying policy is in general the imposition of gay culture on the state. Specifically, it is nothing less than the sexualisation of children at a time when the Catholic Church is being justifiably hammered for child sexual abuse. He claims his Safe School’s program (the promotion of gender fluidity) saves lives. There is no evidence for this wild ideological claim. When the Bendigo mosque was built under protest from the town’s people, Andrews took himself to Bendigo for its opening. Media vision showed him smirking, simpering and tugging his forelock in front of the imams.

How does he get away with so much cultural destruction and the upending of traditional morality? Paul Collits poses this question in his Quadrant article while covering in some detail the deeds of this manic Marxist premier.

How Daniel Andrews Gets Away With It

Quadrant, 24 January 2020

Has there been a more successful creation of a modern woke state than that achieved by the current Premier of Victoria? Welcome to MelDanistan!

To the northerner, one can only engage in vigorous head shaking at the gall, the ideological precision and, above all, at the success of the Andrews project.  He has not been cowed by the relatively limited powers of a state government operating in the context of Australia’s evolving constitutional arrangements, with all their tilting towards centralism, and the concentration of power in Canberra.

One is torn between revulsion and admiration, for the totality of his achievements in causes dear to a pulsating leftist heart.  Bill de Blasio, a tall New Yorker buffoon who changed his name, and the horrid Londoner Sadiq Khan, Andrews’ equivalents in terms of commitment to the cause, can only shake their heads in wonderment at his progress towards a woke nirvana.

Australian and other conservatives must wonder, too, at the apparent incompetence of Andrews’ local right-of-centre opponents and their almost total inability to land an electoral glove on him.

I want to examine the Andrews story, to look in particular at the record in just a few areas – social policy wokeness; the politicisation of the police; abortion and euthanasia; the tilt to the green-left and its associated climate activism – to see if we can comprehend how all this has occurred.

But first, a little background on the man himself.  Andrews was born to Jan and Bob in July 1972, in the dying days of the aged Coalition Government in Canberra and merely months before the ascent of Gough.  He has been married to Catherine for 22 years and they have three children – delightfully named Noah, Grace and Joseph.  Like most contemporary members of parliament, it seems, alas, Andrews went straight from university to working for an MP and thence to the Party machine, and on to the big house in Spring Street.  He has been the Member for Mulgrave, in the capital city’s south-east, since 2002, and served as a minister in the earlier Labor governments of Bracks and Brumby. 

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