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Cowardly leftist thugs in Marxist Andrews’ Victoria

For more than fifty year Marxist thugs have beaten, bashed and intimidated with impunity. The leftist class protects them because they are their violent proxies given the task to shut down dissent. Ninety-five percent of Australia’s political violence is carried out by the proxies of the Greens, GetUp, other sundry Marxist groups, and the hard left of the Labor Party.

The masked thugs swagger into their violent confrontation with ordinary people knowing that they are untouchable – and knowing that the leftist media will not show a jot of sympathy for the ordinary citizen punched to the ground and bleeding from wounds inflicted by fists, sticks and batons. Most Australians watch this regular violence with growing rage, rage that has been the grounding for society-wide rebellion. Continue reading Cowardly leftist thugs in Marxist Andrews’ Victoria

Trump derangement – The ghost of Alinsky

The Western World is in the grip of Marxism. Our liberal-democratic system of government remains largely in name. Faceless bureaucrats have usurped elected government authority. The theory is Marxist. An essential element in the Marxist praxis are Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Little known to the average person but adulated by the left is one of the evil men of the 20th century, Saul Alinsky. The following article is clear description of the way Alinsky’s rules work.

How the Ghost of Alinsky is Working Triple Time to Destroy America (an How We Can Stop This)

By Anne-Marie Murrell

In light of the tsunami of social media postings surging between Support President Trump at all cost! and It’s time for Trump to step down! it might be a good time to remind everyone this is exactly what Leftists have been dreaming of since election night. This is Alinsky 101 and Saul’s proteges have been working very hard (and many have been paid very well) protesting, screeching, interrupting Republican town hall meetings, burning things, and pepper spraying people. Much like their KKK Democrat predecessors many have done this while wearing masks to hide their faces. They use words like ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’, apparently unaware that they are the perfect example of both and are as close to American Brownshirts as you can get…Read on

A Millenial discusses the origins and effects of Cultural Marxism


The Millenials were born in the 1980s and early 1990s. Their press is often not great – at least for conservatives – because they are (allegedly) responsible for a resurgence of Political Correctness. Most Mellinial support in the 2016 US presidential election went to Bernie Sanders.  One Mellinial vlogger Blonde in the Belly of the Beast appears to be going against the trend. Here she is offering a clear short account of the origins and effects of Cultural Marxism. Don’t be distracted by her appearance.

Black immigrants bring a new dimension of violence

Out of a small group of immigrants to Australia comes a violence that is senseless, irrational and merciless – especially merciless. Victoria’s news bulletins regularly report the bashings, robberies and home invasions by groups of Sudanese youth. Vision of the robberies often show a casual attitude to their crime and violence. Warnings to the authorities – those who make decisions about who comes to Australia – about the incompatibility of some cultures with Australia’s way of life have been ignored.

Channel Nine yesterday reported yet another senseless unprovoked assault on a woman walking to her car in a shopping centre car park. The three youths laughed while they bashed and called the woman a ‘white bitch’. There is only one solution to the crime and violence committed by these black youths: deportation. Punishment and re-education are proving useless.

A Bannon apologia

Steve Bannon, President Trump’s Chief Strategist, is being subjected to a sustained whipping from the leftist media. Nothing too bad can be said about him – racist, fascist, white supremacist, blah, blah, blah. When someone on the right breaks through and causes the Left such torment, it is time for us conservatives to take a closer look. More often than not, the hysteria is backed by distortion, misrepresentation, vilification, character assassination and straight-out lies. Austin Ruse who has known Bannon for some time provides an another view of Bannon on the Crisis website.

Out of the blue in the summer of 2014, I received an email from Steve Bannon asking if I ever published anyplace other than Crisis and would I be interested in writing for Breitbart. I knew Bannon’s name from a weekly conservative coalition that still meets in Washington DC. Bannon occasionally called in but never appeared in person.

A few months later I sent him a piece about a new book puncturing holes in the Matthew Shepherd myth, that he was killed by homophobes just because he was gay but rather was killed in a deal gone bad by a fellow drug dealer and sometimes gay sex partner. That story ended up getting something on the order of 25,000 Facebook shares and thousands of comments. That was my introduction to the power of Breitbart.

It was also my introduction to the mission of Breitbart and to Steve Bannon, which primarily is to change the leftist narrative, which is sometimes impossible to change. Even now after Stephen Jiminez’s masterful investigative book on Matthew Shepherd, the left still lies about his death.

Andrew Breitbart dedicated his career to changing the narrative and taking down the establishment.

There is much stuff and nonsense said about Steve Bannon, particularly after Andrew’s untimely death, when Bannon became executive chairman. They say he has taken Breitbart News far from Andrew’s vision. It should be known that Breitbart is run by Andrew’s childhood best friend and his longtime business partner Larry Solov. The editorial staff is helmed by Andrew’s first employee Alexander Marlow. Andrew’s widow is still involved as is Joel Pollack, a kippah-wearing Orthodox Jew. There has not been some great disconnect from Breitbart’s death to the present day. Read on…

Make December blue for boys

Boys in Australian schools are presently being subjected to a cruel program of radical re-education. The program aims to rid them of the idea that they are different from the girls around them. It is to reprogram them so that think no differently from girls.

The difference is typically the thought that boys are more suitable to some tasks in society than girls, those tasks usually requiring strength and agility. Or worse, the thought that boys are more suitable to leadership roles than girls. Less repugnant is the belief that boys’ preference for recreational activities or hobbies or other such things is generally different from that of girls.

Whatever the degree of repugnance, the maintenance of such differences is in the last resort a malignant part of the illegitimate segregation that bourgeois capitalist society has placed on its members. The idea that boys are different or superior in some respects to girls is, according to the Marxists who created and run the campaign, the justification for boys thinking that they can do violence to girls at will. That segregation and the way boys think must be destroyed. The masculine violent-inducing manner of thinking must be eradicated. Continue reading Make December blue for boys

The pleasure of Trump’s win persists

One should not take pleasure in the pain of others. There are occasions, however, when one cannot suppress uncharitable feelings. Such is the case of the severe pain and discomfort the left are suffering over Donald Trump’s election to the office of president of the United States of America. That is especially the case when one sees clips of the leftist media laughing uproariously at the mere suggestion that Trump could win – as shown below. One can’t help admiring Ann Coulter’s composure at being laughed to scorn.

Catholics’ crucial last minute support for Donald Trump

According to a Washington Times report, most Catholics did not decide their vote for Donald Trump until the last moment when ‘in one of the most profound demographic shifts’ witnessed in US elections many swung their support behind Trump. Exit polls showed that the crucial Catholic demographic went to Trump 52% against Hillary Clinton 45% while until then most surveys had shown Catholics solidly behind Clinton. What happened? Jay Richard, executive editor of the conservative Christian website The Stream, is quoted as saying that the ‘turning point’ came in the third debate when Trump’s pro-life stance contrasted dramatically with Clinton’s pro-choice stance.

There was not a Catholic that watched who could not remember the ghoulishness of Hillary Clinton when it came to partial-birth abortion and Trump’s impassioned commonsense defence of unborn human life. It was huge. Continue reading Catholics’ crucial last minute support for Donald Trump

A rare pleasure – the left suffers shock and awe

Somehow I was not surprised when Donald Trump stepped forward as a Republican candidate for the US presidency. Such an absurd and hopeless attempt to enter the political arena at the highest level was consistent with the brash, overconfident character I had seen on ‘The Apprentice,’ the television program that gave him an international profile.

But as the campaign continued and Trump wacked off one opponent after the other, I began to think his attempt may not be all that absurd and hopeless. Then between the bluster and his uncontained and undisguised rage at the leftist political establishment it became obvious (at least to many of us) that he was making a connection with the equivalent in America of what former Prime Minister Robert Menzies called the forgotten people. In this case, it was not just the working middle class but the blue-collar class that had been forgotten and with whom Trump was connecting. Continue reading A rare pleasure – the left suffers shock and awe