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POC immigration

Australia is constantly slandered as a (white) racist country. The hordes of POCs trying to get into Australia would seem to disprove that slander. Of course, that does not stop the slander. It does not stop the slander because the truth or falsehood of the claim (it is false) is not at issue. It is slander as a political tool. It will keep going because it is an effective tool in the worldwide Marxist campaign to destroy white influence and white civilization.

Those white countries that allow extensive POC immigration now find many of those who benefited out on the streets condemning their white hosts as racists and tearing down statues of figures once considered important in developing the standard of living that those POCs migrated to enjoy.

One wonders how long the tolerance of this insane situation will go on.

Australian cricketers play alongside white squatter camps

Lauren Southern on White Genocide in South Africa

David Hiscox, XYZ website
Tradthot or not, Lauren Southern is using her powers for good, travelling the world detailing the attempts to extinguish the white race, and the efforts our brothers and sisters are going to in order to survive. She has recently been in South Africa producing a long-form documentary, giving us a personal face to the horrors we only read about or see on news reports.

The murder rate against white farmers in South Africa is four times the already staggeringly high national average. The government and the police do nothing to stop this, as evidenced by the fact that there are four times as many private security personnel in South Africa as there are official police and army combined. Indeed, senior black political figures in South Africa sing “Shoot the Boer” and call for the forced expropriation of white land without compensation. Read on…

Australian governments have rushed to bring incompatible cultures into Australia. Will they act to rescue their own in South Africa from disenfranchisement and murder? Where are those radicals that stopped South Africa’s rugby teams playing in Australia in the 1970s? We remember the mayhem they caused. There needs to be a petition demanding the relief of destitute white South Africans in squatter camps and their transport to Australia.

Evidence for the impossibility of multiculturalism

The evidence of the disastrous effects of multiculturalism is all around us in the  West. Peoples from cultures incompatible with Western values at best self-segregate and at worst perpetrate crime and violence. Australia’s dominant political class boasts continually of Australia’s success as a ‘multicultural society’.  But it’s a deadly charade. The crime and violence of particular ethnic groups speak against it; the ethnic segregation in some suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne speaks against it. Black Pigeon’s video below provides the academic evidence.

On ‘sh..hole countries’


On Mark Latham Outsiders Facebook page

Some facts about the world

The Trump controversy about “shithole countries” perfectly demonstrates how he has broken the PC-elitist hold on political debate.

Fact: some countries are shitholes, unfortunately.
Fact: effective immigration programs recruit highly-capable people from advanced, successful countries (just look at Melbourne’s Sudanese gang crime problem for the alternative approach).

Trump is simply being realistic about the situation. He’s also saying that immigration policies should be framed for the benefit of the people living in a country right now, not as some gift to the rest of the world.

Leftist elites are upset with Trump because they believe in a borderless world, where immigration is framed around owing the rest of the world something, instead of hard-headed national interests.

In truth, importing shithole people from shithole countries creates massive crime, welfare dependancy and dislocation problems for the nations that do it. That lesson is crystal clear from around the world.

The Left try to use PC as a way of shielding the public debate from these basic facts. It’s a cruel con-job on the folks without political power and access to decision-making.The Left live in nice leafy, gentrified suburbs where newly-arrived migrants from Third World countries can’t afford to live. Then these migrants are duck-shoved out to poorer suburbs, making them other people’s problems.

While the Left then virtue-signals about how “compassionate” they are. That’s how the loaded immigration debate works and, for too long, Australia has fallen for it.

Bashings sign of civilisational degeneration

A civilisation does not only depend on its members adhering to the manners, rules, customs, and conventions established over the centuries. It also depends on those given the task of safeguarding the community fulfilling their duty. When the authority loses its will and confidence, thereby ceasing to act, it betrays its people.  Degeneration inevitably sets in.

Australia’s African community is small. But the incidence of criminal acts committed by its members is way out of proportion to its size. It’s not only about the incidence of criminal acts. It is even more about the astonishing violence, and the casualness of the violence, committed by mostly Sudanese youth. The vision of that violence is shown on news reports, and is to be seen on youtube. Nobody is under any misapprehension of what these African criminals do and are capable of.

It’s been going on unabated in Victoria for more that two years, despite the community’s cries for justice and protection. Premier Daniel Andrews does nothing about it. Why? Because Andrews and his government are Marxists, of the far left. It’s their Marxist ideology that stands in the way of protecting Victoria’s white population, the bourgeois oppressors of minorities, against the imported oppressed black minority from Africa. Andrews and his far-left mates are pathologically incapable of acting against these African thugs, no matter how violent.

One could hardly have any more disturbing evidence of Black African violence than the merciless bashing of an American visitor and his son to Melbourne to watch the Australian Open. The well-known American physician and his son were on their first visit. That the doctor and his son should be treated in such a way on their first visit to a country that prides itself on its hospitality outraged Australians. Graphic pictures of the doctor’s injuries can be seen on a Channel Nine report.  The casualness of African crime can be seen in this report.

Many Australians are wondering who on earth let these people into Australia. Surely the officials responsible for migration to Australia could see with their own eyes the screaming incompatibilities of people from a war-torn failed state with Australian society? Maybe they did, but like the Andrews far-left Government, they wanted to re-educate white Australia away from their oppressive behaviour towards minorities.

Andrew Bolt has raised the question that is in the heads of many Australians.

How many Marxists are agitating for illegal migrants?

It is a common charade played by Australia’s dominant political class that those pleading the cause of refugees are just ordinary Australians who have a heart. No political motive – just giving their time and heart to the oppressed and abandoned. No mention, of course, of the money paid to people smugglers who work at landing in any craft whatever as many people on Australia’s northern coastline as possible. No mention that the supreme aim is to break open Australia’s borders.

Many Australians are waking up to the con, but not as many as there should be. Things will get worse before they get better. Put in another way, the Left will continue to wreak havoc until a counter-force is big enough to stop them.

Lucas Rosas has done an inestimable service in compiling a list of the main Marxists who are not only behind the effort to open Australia’s borders to all and sundry – except perhaps for white people – but are behind any politically correct cause you can imagine. His article  including the list appears on the XYZ website.


‘Europe’s migrants are here to stay’ – the same plan for Australia?

It’s time to start crafting our policies accordingly
By Dimitris Avramopoulos 
European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship  

It’s time to face the truth. We cannot and will never be able to stop migration.

The refugee crisis in Europe may be subsiding, but migration globally will not stop. Today, on International Migrants Day, more than 244 million people are living outside their country of birth. Human mobility will increasingly define the 21st century. If we want to be ready for it, we need to start preparing now.

Migration is an emotional, sensitive and political issue. It has helped determine elections across Europe and the world. But we can no longer talk only about crisis management: Migration is our new reality. The time has come to start thinking, talking and acting about migration in a more comprehensive and long-term way, putting in place policies aimed at promoting integration and inclusion. Read on…

The rise of identity politics

Dr Bella d’Arbrera, Director, Foundations of Western Civilisation Program, IPA, has made an incalculable contribution to the defence of Western Civilisation in Australia. She has meticulously compiled a report on the state (and status) of courses in history departments in Australian universities. She has found and demonstrated what most of us have suspected – an appalling and shameless bias in course and content towards Identity Politics. Below the IPA’s report on her work, and a link to the publication of her findings.

The Rise Of Identity Politics: History In Australian Universities

Dr Bella d’Abrera

History undergraduates are not being taught about the history and substance of Western Civilisation, according to a new Institute of Public Affairs report The Rise of Identity Politics: An Audit of History Teaching at Australian Universities, authored by Dr Bella d’Abrera, Director of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program at the Institute of Public Affairs.

The report systematically reviews the 746 history courses offered across 35 Australian universities in 2017. It finds that undergraduate history degrees in Australia have become dominated by identity politics – where subjects are reduced to class, gender and race – to the detriment of important teachings on Western Civilisation. Read on…

Read the publication:
The Rise of Identity Politics 


Eastern European resistance to Islamization

‘Europe has Christian roots, and if it cuts itself off from those roots, it will lose not only its identity, but also its greatness and goodness…’

‘Something is stirring in Eastern Europe. There are numerous signs that a resistance is building against both the soft tyranny of the EU, and the hard tyranny of Islam which is being imported by the EU elites…’

If you’ve ever seen Casablanca, you won’t have forgotten the scene in Rick’s Cafe where the German officers who are singing “Die Wacht am Rhein” are drowned out by the French patrons who burst into a rousing rendition of the “Marseillaise.”

Something similar happened last week at the National Opera in Cluj Napoca, Romania. A “multicultural” opera that included a Muslim muezzin chanting the call to prayer was interrupted by members of the audience singing the national anthem.

The Romanian national anthem is not quite as rousing as “La Marseillaise” (at least, not to the non-Romanian ear), and the singers were not as talented as the cast of Casablanca, but the sentiments were the same—namely, that tyranny must be resisted.  Read on…