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America at the Crossroads

The big media are now taking it on themselves to cut off President Trump during his talks. The puffed-up self-delusion of the giant media companies has reached an explosive level. Do they really think this sort apoplectic arrogance will impress the majority of the American population? The laughter is so loud that only those locked away in the echoing halls of their delusion would take them seriously. Dave Cullen is giving terrific coverage of the actions of the globalist cabal who think there is no god but them. Follow him on youtube and bitchute.

Kamala Harris – you were warned

I watched Kamala Harris’s vice-president speech to the faithful. Nothing unexpected. She showed herself as she has showed herself since her nomination as vice-president. If it was not obvious to the trusting and gullible, commentators have helped by stripping away the thin facade.

Kamala Harris is is a anti-white, man-hating feminist who believes in equality of outcome. It’s the same old vicious Marxism that sent millions to the gulag for their heretical beliefs.

Biden and the gang behind him will not be able to control her. We can look forward to that mouth working non-stop for the next four years.