Dark Emu

It had to happen. For some time, the left, AOAA activists, and white Aboriginals have been generating an alternative history of Australia and its Aboriginal inhabitants prior to European settlement. In contrast to previous accounts which assigned different degrees of primitiveness to Aboriginals compared with European culture, the new story worked at glorifying Aboriginals and Aboriginal culture. White culture increasingly came off second best in the comparison. The alternative self-indulged histories did not greatly alter the essential marks, as recorded by the white colonials. That has changed.

‘Aboriginal historian’ Bruce Pascoe wrote a history that been demonstrated to be a shameless concoction, a pitiful fantasy. As expected, the ABC, white aboriginals, AOAA activists, supported by white Marxists took it and are running hard with it. Marxists will not give up in a hurry such an effective (false) narrative. This page provides links to commentaries on DARK EMU.

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