The meetings of The Edmund Burke Society:

The second meeting for 2018 will be Friday 22 June at Pure South Dining, River Level, Southgate Building, 3 Southgate Ave, Southbank.  Start 7 pm. 

Seminar topic: Edmund Burke’s understanding of political reasoning which can be divided into practical reason; reason and theory; and reason and sentiment.  Particular  attention will be given to sentiment and natural feeling and their foundation in the natural law. Burke’s political reason will be compared to Marx’s key doctrine of the materialist dialectic.   

The meetings for 2018 will be at an excellent venue:
Restaurant Pure South Dining, River Level, Southgate Building, 3 Southgate Ave, Southbank. Start 7 pm. 

We are aiming at four meetings this year. The general theme will be a comparison of Marxism and its offshoots (postmodernism, identity politics, gender theory) with Burke’s philosophy. We will carry on from the last meeting of 2017 where we had a most interesting discussion about Marx’s materialist dialectic.

– The meetings will be in seminar format.
– Handouts with discussion points will be handed to each seminar attendee.
– The seminar will proceed between the serving of drinks and food.

References for Marxism:

  • Marxism: For and Against, Robert L. Heilbroner
  • Marxism Unmasked, Ludwig von Mises
  • A Short History of Modern Philosophy, Descartes to Wittgenstein, Chapters 14 & 15, Roger Scruton

For information about the meetings, please use the Contact page or ring 0419 002 163 or email Details are on our Facebook page: