The meetings of The Edmund Burke Society:

The final meeting for 2017 will be on Friday 3 November at restaurant Pure South Dining, River Level, Southgate Building, 3 Southgate Ave, Southbank. Start 7 pm. 

Seminar topic: Same sex ‘marriage’ and the Natural Law with reference to the thought of Edmund Burke. The meeting will open with a short paper on the Marxist dialectic, explaining the left’s abusive response to arguments defending the definition of marriage that has endured from time out of mind in all cultures.


February 7th – Early natural law from the Greeks to the Stoics
March 7th – Natural law from Church Fathers to St Thomas Aquinas
June 30th – Summary of Natural Law and its application in Tracts, Relative to the Laws against Popery in Ireland – reference to current political issues, e.g. Brexit and national identity
July 21st – Discussion of Burke’s and Roger Scruton’s ideas on ‘nation’ with reference to the Natural Law
November 3rd – SSM and the Natural Law with reference to the thought of Edmund Burke

– The meetings will be in seminar format.
– Excerpts from Burke’s writings and/or readings from secondary sources will be sent to attendees.
– Page(s) of discussion points will be handed to each seminar attendee.
– The seminar will proceed between the serving of drinks and food.
– The meetings will be at different restaurants and bistros.

Because The Edmund Burke Society subscribes to a natural law interpretation of Edmund Burke’s thought, the meetings for 2017 will focus on Edmund Burke and the natural law. The first will be a survey of natural law theory from the Greeks to the Romans (Stoics). The second will concentrate on Thomistic natural law. Excerpts will be from the following references:

  • Natural Law: An Introduction to Legal Philosophy, A.P. D’Éntreves
  • Natural Law, Deakin University course book
  • St Thomas Aquinas on Politics and Ethics, ed. Paul E. Sigmund (This is an outstanding reference)

Following the meetings to discuss the natural law, discussions will be about current issues in the context of Edmund Burke and the natural law. Reference will also be to the works of Roger Scruton.

For information about the meetings, please use the Contact page or ring 0419 002 163 or email Details are on our Facebook page: