Of all the crazy things that have happened in the last twenty years, of all the madness forced on the ordinary citizen, surely gender theory and its concomitant, transgenderism, have to be craziest – and the most wicked.

Never before in the history of all civilizations has such madness been proposed seriously. Yet we have a society in the West that is tied and trussed like a roasting pig unable to do anything against a conglomeration of state bodies and major corporations devoutly enforcing the chapter and verse of transgenderism.

The Disney corporation, the kids’ corporation, the corporation of children’s dreams and fantasies, is a leader in promoting transgenderism, even to the extent of paying for the physical mutilation necessary for the so-called ‘transitioning’. This can’t last. Someone should record who is doing what in all this so victims have legal recourse when the social and moral disaster becomes apparent.

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