White ‘indigenous’ want treaty with fellow Victorians

Marcus Stewart (or Stuart), posing as a proud man of an invented aboriginal nation, heads the video Tyerri Yoo-rrook ‘Seed of Truth’ Report Handover. Marcus’s appearance, as you can see (if you watch the video), is no different from the disgustingly white Australian citizen who has a direct family line with ancestors in the British Isles.

Marcus is of the common variety ‘white Aboriginal’ who, together with other white or tinted Aboriginals, are instigating a coup, enabled by that traitorous man, Daniel Andrews, to wrest the ownership of Victoria from the Victorian people – under the title of ‘treaty’.

Information about the coup is on the website First People’s Assembly of Victoria. The welcome page tells us that the ‘First Peoples’ are just that – a class separate and above the rest of Victorians.

Once the treaty is established, the First Peoples will tolerate us – of course, on the understanding they will be funded while busying themselves with cultural reinvention and myth-making.


‘The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria is the independent and democratically elected body to represent Traditional Owners and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Victoria.

‘We believe it’s time to negotiate a Treaty between our people and the Government of Victoria and we’re establishing the foundations and framework to enable that.’

This coup would not get off the ground if it weren’t for the collusion of Daniel Andrews and his quislings.