Daniel Andrews has a Marxist brain Tumor

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of the state of Victoria, is a phenomenon. There has not been a political leader in Australia’s history whose brain is so riddled with the ideology responsible for unparalleled persecution and the deaths of millions. Take a list of the foremost Marxists positions and you will find Premier Andrews subscribing to them.

Victoria’s abortion legislation is barbaric. There is no other word to describe it. His anti-bullying policy is in general the imposition of gay culture on the state. Specifically, it is nothing less than the sexualisation of children at a time when the Catholic Church is being justifiably hammered for child sexual abuse. He claims his Safe School’s program (the promotion of gender fluidity) saves lives. There is no evidence for this wild ideological claim. When the Bendigo mosque was built under protest from the town’s people, Andrews took himself to Bendigo for its opening. Media vision showed him smirking, simpering and tugging his forelock in front of the imams.

How does he get away with so much cultural destruction and the upending of traditional morality? Paul Collits poses this question in his Quadrant article while covering in some detail the deeds of this manic Marxist premier.

How Daniel Andrews Gets Away With It

Quadrant, 24 January 2020

Has there been a more successful creation of a modern woke state than that achieved by the current Premier of Victoria? Welcome to MelDanistan!

To the northerner, one can only engage in vigorous head shaking at the gall, the ideological precision and, above all, at the success of the Andrews project.  He has not been cowed by the relatively limited powers of a state government operating in the context of Australia’s evolving constitutional arrangements, with all their tilting towards centralism, and the concentration of power in Canberra.

One is torn between revulsion and admiration, for the totality of his achievements in causes dear to a pulsating leftist heart.  Bill de Blasio, a tall New Yorker buffoon who changed his name, and the horrid Londoner Sadiq Khan, Andrews’ equivalents in terms of commitment to the cause, can only shake their heads in wonderment at his progress towards a woke nirvana.

Australian and other conservatives must wonder, too, at the apparent incompetence of Andrews’ local right-of-centre opponents and their almost total inability to land an electoral glove on him.

I want to examine the Andrews story, to look in particular at the record in just a few areas – social policy wokeness; the politicisation of the police; abortion and euthanasia; the tilt to the green-left and its associated climate activism – to see if we can comprehend how all this has occurred.

But first, a little background on the man himself.  Andrews was born to Jan and Bob in July 1972, in the dying days of the aged Coalition Government in Canberra and merely months before the ascent of Gough.  He has been married to Catherine for 22 years and they have three children – delightfully named Noah, Grace and Joseph.  Like most contemporary members of parliament, it seems, alas, Andrews went straight from university to working for an MP and thence to the Party machine, and on to the big house in Spring Street.  He has been the Member for Mulgrave, in the capital city’s south-east, since 2002, and served as a minister in the earlier Labor governments of Bracks and Brumby. 

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