McCain's prize-winning ad

McCain Food ANZ does not get the prize for its tasteless cardboard product that one would choose as a last resort. No, it gets the 2019 woke prize for advertising, snatching the honour from a range of gut-churning sycophantic grovelling woke advertisements that the public gets pushed in their faces.

Woke advertising is the display of vomitous gutlessness, the corporate world’s caving to the unelected political forces oppressing the population.

The McCain ad goes beyond the general woke scenario. It is a terrific promotion of gay culture. Despite this success, there are parts of the ad that would have many throwing up. No matter how oppressive the woke world becomes, there are some things in the nature of the human being it can’t change. Indeed, too much pressure might cause a rupture.

Whether one wants to call the McCain ad wokeness or political correctness or gay culture or give it some other similar leftist title, the foundation of such political activity is Marxism.

After all the worry about Communism taking over the ‘free world’, and after all the gigantic sums spent on defence, Marxism has won. Marxists now have the ‘free world’ in their grip. And lickspittle traitorous companies like McCain Foods do their bidding.