Bashings sign of civilisational degeneration

A civilisation does not only depend on its members adhering to the manners, rules, customs, and conventions established over the centuries. It also depends on those given the task of safeguarding the community fulfilling their duty. When the authority loses its will and confidence, thereby ceasing to act, it betrays its people.  Degeneration inevitably sets in.

Australia’s African community is small. But the incidence of criminal acts committed by its members is way out of proportion to its size. It’s not only about the incidence of criminal acts. It is even more about the astonishing violence, and the casualness of the violence, committed by mostly Sudanese youth. The vision of that violence is shown on news reports, and is to be seen on youtube. Nobody is under any misapprehension of what these African criminals do and are capable of.

It’s been going on unabated in Victoria for more that two years, despite the community’s cries for justice and protection. Premier Daniel Andrews does nothing about it. Why? Because Andrews and his government are Marxists, of the far left. It’s their Marxist ideology that stands in the way of protecting Victoria’s white population, the bourgeois oppressors of minorities, against the imported oppressed black minority from Africa. Andrews and his far-left mates are pathologically incapable of acting against these African thugs, no matter how violent.

One could hardly have any more disturbing evidence of Black African violence than the merciless bashing of an American visitor and his son to Melbourne to watch the Australian Open. The well-known American physician and his son were on their first visit. That the doctor and his son should be treated in such a way on their first visit to a country that prides itself on its hospitality outraged Australians. Graphic pictures of the doctor’s injuries can be seen on a Channel Nine report.  The casualness of African crime can be seen in this report.

Many Australians are wondering who on earth let these people into Australia. Surely the officials responsible for migration to Australia could see with their own eyes the screaming incompatibilities of people from a war-torn failed state with Australian society? Maybe they did, but like the Andrews far-left Government, they wanted to re-educate white Australia away from their oppressive behaviour towards minorities.

Andrew Bolt has raised the question that is in the heads of many Australians.