One World government, The Great Reset & the filthy rich elites

That Marxists have always agitated for a dictatorial society of the collective is beyond dispute. It’s all there chapter and verse in their ideology and propaganda. Of course, they say their aim is peace. The trick is that peace for them is a world under the rigid iron-fist of Marxism where the alternative to submission is the gulag. We know this. It’s still in the history books, though for how long depends on the inroads made in liberal-democratic societies. The Marxists have already concocted a range of histories to suit their purposes. See my section on Aborigines and AOAAs and the new history DARK EMU.

What I did not take seriously was the claim that a collusion of elites, some of immense wealth, others deep inside the instruments of Western Society, were scheming to establish a one world government of which they would be the untouchable rulers. They were Marxists in capitalist disguise. The filthy rich among them, like George Soros, would continue to operate their capitalist endeavours and enjoy the rewards thereof. It seemed like a wobbly conspiracy theory.

But I have changed my mind, There is too much evidence that a one-world government is not only in the planning but the elites are a long way to achieving their aims. In fact, they are so advanced in their goals that they scarcely make any pretence of what they are working for.

Below are links to reports and commentaries on the actions of those who belong to this elite and to videos satirsing the elites and their views. It is a poignant irony which many elites seem to miss that Klaus Swab of the World Economy Forum looks and sounds like a villain out of Bond Movie. When I first saw speak about his Great Reset, I thought that they had got Peter Sellars from the grave to reprise his Dr Strangelove character.

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