Left vs Conservatives in organisation and promotion

The outstanding feature of the leftist class is their ability to organize, promote and propagandise effectively. Leftist campaigns are the result of the coordination of a myriad of organizations, manipulation of media instruments and the tireless work of leaders without conscience. In contrast, conservatives show a reluctance to organize themselves into associations, organizations, clubs, and media groups and when they do, they appear to lack the energy and spirit to seek cooperation and coordination. There are exceptions but they are few in number.

Some time ago, John Sullivan, editor of Quadrant, pointed out that the left generally support the literary efforts of their class. One sees them lavishing extravagant praise on their works thus providing priceless promotion. The quality of the writing and ideas does not play a critical role. So long as the work fits the leftist project, its style is tolerable, and contains much witless sneering and ridicule of the enemies of the left, that’s enough. Witness the range of leftist works, authors and speakers the various writers festivals feature each year. I refer the reader to ‘MWD Scoop’ in Gerard Henderson’s Watch Dog No.357.

The path for conservative writers is filled with obstacles. A conservative writer can toil away at a novel or a work of non-fiction, face a publishing industry hostile to one’s ideas, go to the expense of self-publishing and find that (in the words of philosopher David Hume) the work suffers a stillbirth. If the work cannot break through, this is its fate regardless of the quality of the writing and ideas. There is a small number of publishers sympathetic to works of conservative writers and they are to be praised for their efforts. But they are limited in what they can publish.

The market interest determines the support and investment publishers can give to the works of conservative writers. It comes down to demand. Writers are increasingly taking the self-publishing option which has become an industry on its own and a viable avenue for authors, even well-established authors. But it still comes down to demand – and demand must be created.

If the conservative public does not buy the books published for them, if they don’t talk about them, and if they don’t recommend those they find interesting and worthy of reading (thus encouraging the author), then the range of books for the conservative market will remain narrow compared with that of the left. The public battle of ideas will continue in favour of the left whose ideas have become stagnant and discredited.

I have listed below publishers, magazines and newspapers that are of interest to the conservative readership. We would welcome information about publishers, magazines and newspapers that can be added to this list.

Gerard Wilson


Connor Court Publishing

Macleay Press



News Weekly

The Spectator Australia

Annals Australasia


The Australian

The Daily Telegraph

The Herald-Sun