The Greens’ campaign to render the churches impotent

The Australian Greens is a Marxist political party of extreme regressive tendencies foremost of which is the implacable urge to destroy bourgeois society with its execrable cultural and industrial structure. For the mind not clouded by the poisonous haze of Marxist propaganda nothing could clearer.

The most odious feature of bourgeois culture for the feverish Greens acolyte is the Christian church of which the Catholic Church exudes the worst bourgeois odour. But if the Marxist and neo-Marxist have learned anything, it is that shooting Christians or locking them up in the gulag to starve is counter-productive. A more effective policy is to render them impotent by cunning bureaucratic strategies.

On 15 September last, ABC News online reported that the executive director of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV), Stephen Elder, had written to parents and carers about federal funding before the federal election:

Stephen Elder said the Greens’ policy on Catholic schools was “highly problematic”.

While the Greens supported needs-based funding, the letter asserted the party’s policies would undermine its schools’ funding, ability to teach disadvantaged students and hire on religious grounds.

“At its worst, principals and school leaders would be forced to employ staff who could be openly critical of our faith, and be able express those opinions in our schools,” Mr Elder said.

It concluded by saying there was a real chance the Greens could hold the balance of power in Parliament after the election, “which could put commitments from the major parties at risk”.

“When you balance what’s really important to you at the ballot box, please remember that both Labor and the Liberals are committed to secure any ongoing funding for local Catholic schools like yours,” he said.

Stephen Elder is stating nothing more than the truth when he warns that the Australian Greens are pursuing legislative strategies that would effectively destroy Catholic educational institutions. But truth is of no account when it comes to the state bureaucracy. The Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC) issued a warning in its typical mealy-mouth bureaucratic way. They effectively told the CECV that its status as a charity would be revoked if it persisted in being a Catholic organization. At the same time there was an

animated debate in the Coalition about the charitable status of groups like the Australian Conservation Foundation and Environment Victoria, both of which campaigned against Liberal candidates in the July poll.

Neither group received a similar “please explain” from the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC).

The inaction in the face of blatant party political agitation by environmental groups is entirely consistent with the leftist politics of the state bureaucracy. On Wednesday 19 October, ABC News online reported.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has announced his party plans to challenge a decision by the charities regulator not to pursue the Catholic Church, after he alleged it campaigned against his party during the federal election campaign.

Nothing but predictable. Di Natale will continue to issue from his Victorian country property leaving his children in the care of a poorly paid German au pair to do bureaucratic battle with the despised Catholic Church. This plumed Green knight wages his battle at the head of a wave of growing anti-Catholic sectarianism.

Gerard Wilson