The extreme left has captured local government

Anyone who takes the trouble (not many do) to observe the activities of their local council will often find it dominated by the Greens and the Socialist Left of the Labor Party.

Sure signs of the extreme left’s grip on local government are the ‘Aboriginal flag’ (designed 1971) and the LGBT flag (designed 1978) fluttering over the council’s building, an abundance of multicultural activities, an overwhelming concentration of environmental issues and many more of those issues the left want to force on Australians.

In recent years, Australia Day has risen with a bullet up the chart of local government’s priority concerns.  Well, we are there. Australia Day is now at the top. The campaign to shift Australia Day to another date is off and running and will receive the full treatment of mass manipulation the extreme left is so good at.

The first shot has come from The Australian Local Government Association Assembly (ALGA) during a meeting in Canberra. ALGA’s decision (64 votes to 62) has been dutifully relayed by one of the great instruments of mass manipulation – the ABC. The ABC’s report has in turn been dutifully relayed by under the heading: ‘Australia Day: Local Government backs push for national debate on date change’. The usual tactics of deceit are employed.

The ABC report opens with: ‘The push to change the date of Australia Day has won support from a traditionally conservative quarter’, that is, local government. Now local government may have been a ‘traditional conservative quarter’ when most of Australia was traditionally conservative. It ceased long ago to be conservative. Like all Australia’s institutions, local government has been under patient but sustained attack by the extreme left since the 1960s. The ABC report confirms that it has fallen and is now their captive. It’s tactical to present local government as conservative (that is, creditable) support for a campaign of the extreme left.

The second deceit comes in the claim that ‘there is a growing momentum that the 26th of January is not representative of who we are as Australians’. Rubbish. Most Australians understand the full significance of the arrival of the First Fleet for the growth of Australia as a nation, and are dead against the change. It will take a powerful campaign of deceit to change most Australians’ view. The campaign of mass manipulation will be rolled out with the cancerous Greens and malignant GetUp! at its head.

Third, the ALGA asserts that ‘Local government is the closest level of government to the people’ and for that reason should exercise strong influence of the Federal Government. Once again, the claim is rubbish. The more local government has come under the control of the left, the more it has separated itself from the ordinary person. In 2017, much of local government is unrepresentative of the wishes of the majority of Australians. The Canberra vote of 64 for and 62 against change confirms it.

Australians had better prepare themselves for a massive campaign not only to change the date of Australian Day but to add to the ongoing process of delegitimisation of those Australians who are not fortunate enough to have some Aboriginal ancestry – even if it is the minutest splash of blood from one ancestor 200+ years ago. And even if many of us have ancestry that goes back to the early days of Australia’s development as a nation.

Gerard Wilson