Trump derangement – The ghost of Alinsky

The Western World is in the grip of Marxism. Our liberal-democratic system of government remains largely in name. Faceless bureaucrats have usurped elected government authority. The theory is Marxist. An essential element in the Marxist praxis are Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Little known to the average person but adulated by the left is one of the evil men of the 20th century, Saul Alinsky. The following article is clear description of the way Alinsky’s rules work.

How the Ghost of Alinsky is Working Triple Time to Destroy America (an How We Can Stop This)

By Anne-Marie Murrell

In light of the tsunami of social media postings surging between Support President Trump at all cost! and It’s time for Trump to step down! it might be a good time to remind everyone this is exactly what Leftists have been dreaming of since election night. This is Alinsky 101 and Saul’s proteges have been working very hard (and many have been paid very well) protesting, screeching, interrupting Republican town hall meetings, burning things, and pepper spraying people. Much like their KKK Democrat predecessors many have done this while wearing masks to hide their faces. They use words like ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’, apparently unaware that they are the perfect example of both and are as close to American Brownshirts as you can get…Read on