Understanding Islam IV

The ‘Islam’ that is being spread by al-Qa eda, ISIS and the Muslim Brothers – the object of much controversy today – is the political face of Islam.


The Oath at al-‘Aqaba; the Coup at the Colonnade

By Paul Stenhouse

The fourth in a series of seven articles from ANNALS AUSTRALASIA

IF SOMEONE around 628 AD had dared to prophesy that within a decade some unheralded, unforeseen power from the hitherto barbarous and little known land of Arabia was to make its appearance, hurl itself against the only two world empires of the age, seize by force of arms the one – the Persian/Sasanid – and strip the other – the Byzantine Eastern Roman – of its fairest provinces, he would undoubtedly have been declared a lunatic. Yet that was exactly what happened.  Read onUnderstand Islam IV

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