Mark Latham on Black Lives Matter

The following accurate and welcome description of Black Lives Matter appeared on Mark Latham’s FB page. Black Lives Matter is a radical Marxist organization showing the sort of intolerance of deviation the Russian, Chinese and Cambodian (Pol Pot) Marxists showed. Millions died. It is astounding that the government-funded ABC/SBS barrack for the BLM protesters in Australia. Mark Latham continues to show what a powerful force for protecting Australian culture he is in Australian politics.


Western Sydney University Enlisting Staff and Students to Black Lives Matter

Mark Latham

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is more than a slogan. It’s a militant organisation formed in the United States in 2013 to attack the police and encourage looting and lawlessness. It aims to sideline the traditional non-violent methods of black church leaders like Martin Luther King, through street militancy and crime.

BLM’s three founders are self-declared Marxists, committed to upending the social order of Western nations. Recently they have been running ‘Defund the Police’ campaigns, while in the UK, the local BML chapter has been called out for anti-Semitism. In the US, sympathisers regularly kill white police and civilians in the name of BLM.

Last month, the New York BLM founder, Hawk Newsome, summed up the organisation’s creed: “If the US doesn’t give us what we want then we will burn down this system and replace it.”

The official BLM Global Network website sets a series of non-racial objectives as follows:

• “Dismantle cisgender privilege” (that is, an attack on people who maintain the gender they were born with);

• “Disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure”;

• “Foster a queer-affirming network”; and

• “Freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking” (that is, an attack on heterosexuality).

This is Radicalism 101. We should not fall for nice-sounding slogans when they mask a more insidious, dangerous political movement that’s completely unnecessary in Australia. Leftists are trying to import BLM to our country and foolishly, the media, sporting clubs and corporate elites are playing along. The young footballers made to kneel before matches had no idea of the nature of the outfit to which they were subjugating themselves.

Western Sydney University (WSU) has taken this campaign a step further by writing to each of its staff and students, urging them to sign up to the ‘WSU Black Lives Matter Pledge’. Professor Michelle Trudgett, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Aboriginal Education, has signed the letter. She simply says this is a campaign for “calling out racism”, without giving the students any historical context or detail on what BLM stands for and what they (the students) are being asked to endorse.

Many students would logically think, having been told by a Pro-Vice Chancellor, that they should sign up at the BLM Pledge site:

So far, most WSU staff have signed, along with a smaller proportion of students (several hundred). The University’s Vice Chancellor, Barney Glover, has given his full support to the project.

In effect, WSU is tricking its students into signing the Pledge, hiding from them the true nature of the BLM organisation and presenting it as a harmless slogan. This is a disgrace to the principles of intellectual honesty and an embarrassment to Western Sydney.

Our region is based on principles antipathetic to the loopy radicalism of BLM. We are a region founded on the success of the nuclear family, social order and rule of law. People here have no time for extremist ideas and the anarchy peddled by BLM.

Moreover, public funds should not be used in this fashion. If companies and footballers want to kneel to BLM, more fool them, but at least they are privately funded. The WSU Pledge is a misuse of public money for extremist political purposes. The University should also have to answer publicly: Are the names, phone numbers and email addresses collected in the Pledge being passed onto Black Lives Matter itself?

Certainly, WSU sees itself as part of ongoing BLM campaigning. Its ‘Equity and Diversity’ page states: “We are also curating a new collection of resources for WSU students and staff on critical issues underpinning the Australian BLM campaign, including films, books and academic literature. All Pledge signatories will be advised directly when this new resource collection is available and kept up to date on other social justice activities across the University.”

Western Sydney would be better off without a university than one peddling a con-job on its students, promoting the political extremism of a violent, Marxist outfit from the United States.

The Federal and NSW Governments should step in to close down these activities. They should also sack Glover, the senior WSU management and Board of Trustees, given the university’s betrayal of academic principles and abuse of public money. Administrators must be appointed to bring WSU back to a proper educational and public interest role.

Mark Latham MLC

6 July 2020