Recalling criticisms of Prime Minister Tony Abbott

What contribution did criticism by ‘friends’ make to the political assassination of Tony Abbott? Surely friends’ criticism had to be sound and constructive, and not a help to those treacherous party subversives who wanted Abbott gone no matter what. 

Andrew Bolt opened the first program of the 2015 ‘Bolt Report’ with an interview with Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He prefaced his interview by saying the Tony Abbott was his friend and he regretted having criticised him for breaking promises and awarding a knighthood to Prince Philip. The Prime Minister smiled weakly giving the impression he had doubts about Bolt’s kind of friendship. Who could blame him? For no sooner had Bolt finished his declaration of friendship than he began to pound the prime minister all over again for just those misdemeanours – breaking promises and awarding a knighthood to Prince Philip. But there was a difference this time. Continue reading “Recalling criticisms of Prime Minister Tony Abbott”

That Knighthood and Tony Abbott’s ideas on cultural links

Media commentators in Australia who describe themselves as conservative or are described by others as conservative joined the media frenzy in response to Tony Abbott’s awarding a knighthood to Prince Philip. In the main, the reasons for their outrage and ferocious criticism of Abbott were the same as those of the leftist media whom they generally execrate. How could this be?

Their reasons were a sufficient explanation, they appeared to imply. Abbott was returning to the colonial past; the awards were anachronistic; Abbot was fatally enamoured of the Royal Family and the monarchy; the award was totally inappropriate on Australia Day; it was an insult to Australia and Australians; and so it went on in that vein. Continue reading “That Knighthood and Tony Abbott’s ideas on cultural links”

Cowardly leftist thugs in Marxist Andrews’ Victoria

For more than fifty year Marxist thugs have beaten, bashed and intimidated with impunity. The leftist class protects them because they are their violent proxies given the task to shut down dissent. Ninety-five percent of Australia’s political violence is carried out by the proxies of the Greens, GetUp, other sundry Marxist groups, and the hard left of the Labor Party.

The masked thugs swagger into their violent confrontation with ordinary people knowing that they are untouchable – and knowing that the leftist media will not show a jot of sympathy for the ordinary citizen punched to the ground and bleeding from wounds inflicted by fists, sticks and batons. Most Australians watch this regular violence with growing rage, rage that has been the grounding for society-wide rebellion. Continue reading “Cowardly leftist thugs in Marxist Andrews’ Victoria”