Fattening the Marxist maggot

It might seem strange for a conservative website to advertise a series of lectures marking the centenary of The Russian Revolution.  The reason is simple. Marxism and Marxists never went away. They just changed their tactics and their target. Many of them have never made an effort to hide their Marxist philosophy or their intentions to destroy bourgeois society. The internet is bulging with thoughts of Marxists of all colours. You don’t have to exert yourself too much to find a Marxist group that suits your particular nightmares. So people should be aware of their presence.

A second reason is that I want to encourage conservatives to make an effort to understand what Marxism is as a political philosophy. You have to know your enemy. Too many conservative have not a clue what Marxism is about. They are not even aware of the crucial base/superstructure dogma that is at the heart of Marxism.

The series of lectures can be seen on the World Socialist Web Site.

A Millenial discusses the origins and effects of Cultural Marxism


The Millenials were born in the 1980s and early 1990s. Their press is often not great – at least for conservatives – because they are (allegedly) responsible for a resurgence of Political Correctness. Most Mellinial support in the 2016 US presidential election went to Bernie Sanders.  One Mellinial vlogger Blonde in the Belly of the Beast appears to be going against the trend. Here she is offering a clear short account of the origins and effects of Cultural Marxism. Don’t be distracted by her appearance.