Pushing back on the feminist narrative about ‘toxic masculinity’

The following has appeared on Mark Latham’s Outsiders website:

Calls for government to end “culture of denial”

Posted by  on July 18, 2017
“Toxic masculinity” is a rancid term. It belittles all the many magical elements of masculinity and underlines society’s relentless war on men. Apparently, they only have themselves to blame for being rapists, murderers and women bashers.  Read on…

Make December blue for boys

Boys in Australian schools are presently being subjected to a cruel program of radical re-education. The program aims to rid them of the idea that they are different from the girls around them. It is to reprogram them so that think no differently from girls.

The difference is typically the thought that boys are more suitable to some tasks in society than girls, those tasks usually requiring strength and agility. Or worse, the thought that boys are more suitable to leadership roles than girls. Less repugnant is the belief that boys’ preference for recreational activities or hobbies or other such things is generally different from that of girls.

Whatever the degree of repugnance, the maintenance of such differences is in the last resort a malignant part of the illegitimate segregation that bourgeois capitalist society has placed on its members. The idea that boys are different or superior in some respects to girls is, according to the Marxists who created and run the campaign, the justification for boys thinking that they can do violence to girls at will. That segregation and the way boys think must be destroyed. The masculine violent-inducing manner of thinking must be eradicated. Continue reading “Make December blue for boys”