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No divisions – no separatism – one people under one law

I am firmly behind Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and her fellow Aboriginal Australians. It is not racist to see the Voice as a retrograde step for all Australians.

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‘We are one Australia’: Fair Australia Indigenous delegation demands to be heard in Canberra

 Fair Australia, March 22, 2023 Matthew Sheahan 

A delegation of Aboriginal Australians have travelled to Canberra thanks to the Fair Australia (powered by ADVANCE) campaign, to ask the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader to hear their ‘no’ case in opposition to the Voice.

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price hosted the 22 community leaders, including 11 from Ngukurr in Roper River.

Organised by ‘no’ campaign Fair Australia, they are seeking meetings with Mr Albanese and Mr Dutton to offer their simple message: the Voice will divide Australians by race, rather than uniting us as a nation.

Nationals senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has warned the PM not to expect First Nations people to vote “yes” on the Voice to parliament referendum.

Senator Nampijinpa Price introduced the Indigenous community representatives from across the country to politicians from different parties.

Senator Price said Aboriginal people did not want to be divided or segregated, as the divisive Voice will do.

“We stand as one under this flag as Australians – whether we are from the first peoples of this country, whether we’re from those who came on the first fleet, and the settlers and the migrants that come to this country,” she said.

“We are one Australia.”

Senator Nampijinpa Price said there was a legitimate fear in communities that the Voice would stoke division and undo any work to close the gap.

“We’ve overcome segregation in our country, to then go ahead and put it in our founding document, that is not the right thing to do going forward,” she said.

Fair Australia delegation member and social worker Molisa Carney said existing representative bodies that were supposed to be representing Indigenous people were “ignoring” them.

“Why aren’t our politicians … going out to the remote communities. In those communities, no one knows about the Voice,” she said.

“And what about our poor children, the next generation – what are you going to provide for them? Division? Segregation, you’ve already done segregation.

“We’re all Australians here, we’re meant to be working together – not against each other.”

An indigenous woman to support

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s Newsletter of 8 April 2022

The left love to use Indigenous Australia to win political points.

They think that if they acknowledge traditional land owners enough, talk about changing the date of Australia Day, support Black Lives Matter and join protests about deaths in custody, we’ll all vote for them.

We all know the left think they have a monopoly on minority groups.

It’s the “soft bigotry of low expectations”.

They do their best to distract us, keep us angry and divided about the problems of the past, hoping we won’t pay too much attention to the problems of NOW, because they have no REAL solutions.

While Loopy Lidia Thorpe cries racism because she wasn’t allowed on her tax-payer funded flight because her handbag was overweight, Indigenous women in the Northern Territory remain the most at-risk group for domestic violence. 

Women like R Rubuntja, a founding member of the Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group, who was brutally murdered last year by her own partner Malcom Abbott.

Where was the outcry for her? Where was her ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest?

A woman who had worked so hard to raise awareness of domestic violence in the NT, who was a voice for the voiceless, a mum and a grandma murdered in cold blood by a man with a chilling record of violence against women.

In 1997 this monster was only given 10 years for stabbing two women, killing one. In 2009, just two years out of prison, he was only given five more for stabbing his partner three times. Just after that in 2014 he was only given 15 months for assaulting his sister-in-law. And in 2019, it was just one year for stabbing another partner.


Fatherlessness, drug and alcohol abuse, and black-on-black crime rates going unaddressed mean the country is leaving rural Indigenous communities behind.

It’s all caused by racist white men and the patriarchy.

The left have done their best to remove all responsibility from the shoulders of the perpetrators. They say it’s not their fault things are bad, and only they can fix it for us. 

The left are more concerned with dredging up the problems of history than the REAL problems facing us NOW!

Well sorry, but we’ve tried it your way.

It’s time we find REAL solutions to the REAL problems affecting Indigenous communities.

It’s time we stop listening to inner-city “experts” and start listening to REAL women like R Rubuntja.

Maybe if we focus on the NOW, not the past, we can save some lives.

If I get to Canberra, that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to represent you – and the community I’ve lived in my whole life – by listening.

And when I get to the Senate, I have some things to say, and the people who pay lip service to Indigenous Australians to win some white-guilt votes aren’t going to like it.

See you there. 

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

Country Liberal Party Senate Candidate for NT

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s Australia  Day Speech

‘Reflect, Respect, Celebrate’

 January 26, 2022

This is the text of a speech delivered by Jacinta Price to the Australia Day Council at the Melbourne Club on January 24, 2022.

In 2016 on Australia Day, I was deeply compelled to voice a story, my story of identity, of being Australian and of my history. Little did I know the breadth of responses that my story would spark. Some found it refreshing and welcomed the open door to have the conversation, others found it confronting and shut the door to the conversation. Either way my contribution to the debate of changing the date has provided a credible unifiable reasoning and point of view. I’ll recap that story in a moment. But first some reflections on all that has happened since.

We have, without a doubt, since 2016 gone through and are still riding out one of the most challenging periods of our history as a collective. The Australia Day theme of Reflect, Respect and Celebrate could not be more appropriate, not just from an Australian history view but also from our recent journey view.

In 2021 the nation was blessed to be informed by a long-time educator and Senior Australian of the Year, Territorian Nauyiu Elder Miriam Rose, when she said ‘we need to slow down, deeply listen and feel it, our spirit, our place and this will give us an open heart’. More timely wisdom could not have been given, as the National Biosecurity threat of COVID-19 had well and truly arrived. During the past year, we have all, together experienced restrictions on travel, learning from home, working from home, vaccinations, check ins and lockdowns. These experiences have  reminded us of the spirit of what is to be Australian, to care, to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and our government and community has done what was needed to get the job done.

Read the rest here …

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

Model Indigenous Australian

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is a loyal Australian on whom those who claim to be ‘indigenous’ can model themselves. Rather than engaging in hate-filled myth-making and cultural re-invention, she appeals to Australian solidarity in solving the nation’s problems – not just the problems of Aboriginals. Jacinta is Country Liberal Party candidate for the Senate in the Northern Territory. She is an outstanding candidate. Vote for her. Below is her latest newsletter.


Happy New Year to everyone, except the woke left loonies who set fire to Old Parliament House.

Happy New Year to everyone, except those who put a match to the building where Indigenous Australian hero Neville Bonner served as a senator for ALL Australians for 12 years.

Happy New Year to everyone, except those who tried to burn down the parliament where, as my mate Warren Mundine put it, “the wrongs of the past were corrected”.

Happy New Year to everyone who’s as fed up as I am with woke brats thinking they have the right to incinerate YOUR history.

After the challenges you faced in 2021, we had an opportunity over Christmas and New Year’s to reconnect, strengthen our ties and prepare for the year ahead.

But the left decided to ring in the new year with needless destruction and criminal acts against a place of democracy and significant historical meaning to ALL Australians.

And it’s not just a fringe few. Greens Senator Loopy Lidia Thorpe celebrated the fire, tweeting out “Seems like the colonial system is burning down. Happy New Year everyone”.

Shame on you, Lidia.

And now as we begin the new year the left has turned their sights on another symbol of our great nation. This time, back on the tired old mission to cancel Australia Day.

You’ve heard me say it before but I’ll say it again for those who missed it: leave Australia Day alone.

Australia Day is not, and has never been, about celebrating the suffering experienced by Indigenous Australians, It’s about celebrating ALL Australians, of ALL backgrounds and cultures, living together and striving for the common good of ALL of us.

We can’t ignore what happened in this country’s history, and changing the date won’t change our past, nor will it solve racism, extend Indigenous life-expectancy or reduce fatherlessness in Indigenous communities.

Cancelling Australia Day will only divide us further.

Australia Day is a day for all of us to celebrate how far we’ve come, the wonderful nation we live in, and to recommit ourselves to further improving life for ALL AUSTRALIANS.

So the left can have their mourning ceremony, fly the flag at half mast and compete in their own victim-olympics – but they can’t cancel Australia Day.

I hope you and your family enjoy this Australia Day, celebrating the wonderful country we are all privileged to call home.

Have a beer for me, and let’s get ready to make 2022 the year we come together to tackle the REAL problems facing Australia.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price Country Liberal Party Senate Candidate for NT

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Country Liberal Party (NT)
2.229 McMillans Road, Jingili
NT 0810
Tel: (08) 8996 9259
Email: info@jacintaprice.com

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s latest email

I fully support Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s approach to reconciliation and hope people of the Northern Territory vote her into the Senate.

Will changing the date of Australia Day solve racism?

Will changing the date of Australia Day improve Indigenous life expectancy? Will it reduce fatherlessness in Indigenous communities?

Will it decrease the high domestic violence rates suffered by Indigenous women and girls at the hands of Indigenous men, the rape crisis in remote Indigenous communities like the Kimberley, high rates of brain damage cause by Indigenous maternal drinking, or make an impact on Indigenous drug and alcohol abuse?

Will changing the date of Australia Day solve a single real world issue faced by Indigenous Australians?

Of course not!

But it will make latte-sipping inner-city hippies feel better about themselves.

“Look at me! I care so much that I won’t listen to a radio show on January 26!”

The calls to change the date are starting earlier and earlier each year.

Woke virtue signallers race to be the first to call for the change.

The Greens have had no shame in pushing for the farce for years, but now the federal Labor party wants a slice of the woke pie.

Federal MP for Perth, Patrick Gorman, took to The West Australian newspaper last month to kowtow at the feet of the woke mob.

When it comes to supporting the current date of Australia Day, I have been wrong. It is time to admit that and recommit myself to the work of reconciliation.

That’s big of you, Pat.

We are good at taking power and bad at returning it to those who should hold it.

Well Pat, why don’t you lead by example? Feel free to resign your power any time. There’s an election coming up, why not a fresh start for Perth? Sounds good to me!

But of course, you won’t do that will you? You won’t put your money – or power – where your mouth is.

Like all the others on the left, he is all talk. He’ll say what he thinks will appease the woke mob, he’ll cry those vote-winning crocodile tears and at the end of the day he won’t change a thing.

Nothing will change because on the one hand, Labor MPs like Patrick Gorman haven’t taken the time to find out what the real problems are.

On the other hand, if they did make change what would they run on?

What good is it to lefty politicians if those ‘victims’ they claim to champion suddenly weren’t ‘victims’?

If they really want to lament Australia Day, they can create their own day and spend it mourning.

They can fly the flags at half-mast and cry crocodile tears for the cameras.

But leave Australia Day alone.

Leave it alone for those Australians like you and I who actually love this country, who understand the opportunity it has given us, and who choose this day to celebrate all of us, regardless of background, and all we have achieved together.

The only way for us to move forward is to actually forgive each other. It’s to make a decision to want to heal and move forward, instead of expecting everybody else around you to bend to your feelings.

Let’s celebrate Australia Day and this wonderful country we are blessed to live in.

Let’s move on from these non-issues and, together, tackle the real problems facing our country.

Yours for REAL solutions to the REAL problems,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price Country Liberal Party Senate Candidate for NT

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Country Liberal Party (NT)
2.229 McMillans Road, Jingili
NT 0810
Tel: (08) 8996 9259
Email: info@jacintaprice.com

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and the box-tickers

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price‘s Newsletter 30 July 2021

Can you believe they feel bad for being white?

Have you heard about “box-tickers”?

They’re the selfish inner-city wokes who are planning to say they’re Indigenous on the Census form when actually they’re no such thing.

They do it to feel good about themselves. As one box-ticker said, she just feels “more connected with the land and with Aboriginal people”.

They hope the government will see all these extra Indigenous people on the Census and funnel more resources into supporting them.

There’s a few things going on here, all of them bad news for Indigenous Australians.

Across Australia, 50 per cent of those who identify as Indigenous marry and have children with those who aren’t Indigenous. In places like Melbourne and Sydney, it’s up to 80 per cent. It’s down around 8 or 9 per cent in places like the NT.

That means that in the bigger built-up cities, Indigenous people are culturally and linguistically almost exactly the same as the next Australian, whereas in places like the Northern Territory, there are vast cultural and linguistic differences.

Those that are living in cities and have access to services also have better education and employment outcomes.

They are actually doing quite well.

The huge problem with the overrepresentation of Indigenous Australians where the box-tickers live, is that funding meant for marginalised Indigenous Australians in the bush gets put into the inner-cities where it’s of absolutely no use to the people who need it.

The most marginalised Indigenous Australians are those in remote and regional areas, where they make up over 50 per cent of the population – they’re the ones who need it.

And often the crime rate in places like this is more than 50 per cent more than the state or territory average.

Quite often the crime that outstrips all other crimes is domestic and family violence.

What’s worse is that these box-tickers will make the official data look like we’re “closing the gap” between white and Indigenous disadvantage, when clearly we’re not.

The gap exists between the cities and remote and regional Australia as well, and it doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re Indigenous or not.

Can you believe there are so many people in this country who feel so bad for being white they’d tick a box to say they weren’t?

No human being should have to feel bad because of the colour of their skin.

We have to stop demonising white Australians, painting them as evil and bad compared to the victimised people of colour.

It’s just not right.

And the awful thing is that these people – these box-tickers – will end up costing Indigenous Australians.

You’re part of this country, regardless of your background, and that is the thinking we need to have so every Australian knows they belong.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Country Liberal Senate Candidate for NT

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, a (true) Aboriginal woman, is deputy mayor of Alice Springs and Country Liberal Senate candidate for NT. Her views on the Aboriginal issue coincide mostly with the views I express here. She sees Australia as one country and one people under one flag. We work together to solve the problems of disadvantage.

She makes claims that would be called racist if a white person (like me) made them. She runs a newsletter which I strongly recommend. Email her here, info@jacintaprice.com, to receive the newsletter. I will post those that I find relevant to my concerns. I also strongly support her candidature for the Senate at the next federal election, and hope the Territorians support her. Her first newsletter focused on the antics of far-left Greens Lidia Thorpe, and the damage she does to the Indigenous cause.


Jacinta Nampijinpa Price Newsletter, 16 July 2021

I know you’re as sick and tired as I am of the damage being done by left-wing ideologues in Canberra.

Far left politicians and activists are lying and virtue signalling, trying to force their dangerous agenda onto everyday Australians.

But you and I aren’t about to roll over and let them destroy our great country. We’re ready to fight for our nation, and that’s why I am ready to go to Canberra.

Last week, I spoke to Sky News host Paul Murray about woke activist and Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe.

Showboating Lidia will say and do almost anything as long as she can put it on Twitter. Time she should be using to improve the lives of all Australians is spent on her divisive rhetoric, ridiculous ideology and juvenile tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.

She doesn’t realise how utterly ineffective she is, grandstanding just to get a rise out of her leftie Twitter mob.

She is doing herself, the people she was chosen to represent, and Indigenous Australians a complete disservice with her outbursts and whining, without contributing any meaningful debate.

The Australian Senate is not the place for juvenile activism and attacks on hard-working people actually trying to improve lives across the country.

Did you see Lidia blast the “white male” Attorney General of the Northern Territory?

“I do hope the Attorney-General, given he probably didn’t read the royal commission recommendations, hopefully he listens to these experts. Hopefully, they’re white. You know, white is right in this place.”

Unfortunately for her, NT Attorney General Selena Uibo is an Indigenous woman.

As Selena Uibo put it, Lidia is an expert at “the true Canberra tradition of saying outrageous things to get your name on television”. It’s time that Senator Thorpe realised she is actually the Senator for all Victorians – black, white, everyone.

Enough is enough.

You and I know we have a fight on our hands in Canberra and I’m ready to get in there.

I’m ready to go to Canberra and stand up for the Aussie values you hold dear.

With your help, I’m ready to take on the woke left activist politicians like Lidia Thorpe, doing their level best to ruin our great country.

I know you won’t let them. Jacinta Nampijinpa Price Country Liberal Senate Candidate for NT