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The ALP going whole hog on separatism

There can be no longer any doubt about the Labor Government’s policy on what one calls ‘First Nations’ people. The policy is one of separatism, the establishment of a nation over and above the rest of the Australians. The denomination ‘First Nations’ indicates the superior status of this separate nation whose mostly mixed-race people are not only separate and superior. Their reinvented culture is to imbue, permeate, and eclipse the culture below it, namely Anglo culture. There are signs of this cultural eclipse everywhere you look.

One can’t miss the blazing symbol of betrayal flying over the Habour and Westgate bridges.

Labor’s decades long betrayal is reaching its apotheosis. The reason-defying Penny Wong announced the policy in faraway New York, as reported in today’s Australian with the call for ‘an expression of interest for the role of Ambassador for First Nations People.’

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Wong announces role for First Nations Ambassador

SAM KING, The Australian, 21 September 2022

The Albanese government has announced an expression of interest for the role of Ambassador for First Nations People, rolling out an election commitment for a wider First Nations Foreign Policy.

Speaking from New York, Foreign Minister Penny Wong said the role was part of “the government’s determination to include First Nations people at the heart of our foreign policy”.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the position will “lead the government’s efforts to embed Indigenous perspectives, experiences and interests across the Department”.

“The ambassador will head an office of First Nations engagement within the DFAT, and work in partnership across government agencies and departments.”

The department said its ideal candidate would bring “extensive networks across First Nations communities” to the role, and had experience in driving government policy and working with international institutions.