Jordan Peterson exposes the postmodernist agenda

Dr Jordan Peterson is the Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto. He hit international headlines recently because of his courageous refusal to use ideologically made-up pronouns that anti-discrimination legislation is forcing on people throughout the Western world. In the following piece he accurately describes the link between Marxism and Postmodernism/Identity Politics.

Communism was not popularized in the West under the direct banner of communism. Instead, it came largely under the banner of postmodernism, and aimed to transform the values and beliefs of our societies through its Marxist idea that knowledge and truth are social constructs.

Under it, a new wave of skepticism and distrust was applied to philosophy, culture, history, and all beliefs and institutions at the foundations of Western society.

The postmodern philosophy “came into vogue” in the 1970s, according to Jordan Peterson, Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, “after classic Marxism, especially of the economic type, had been so thoroughly discredited that no one but an absolute reprobate could support it publicly.”

Peterson said it’s not possible to understand our current society without considering the role postmodernism plays within it, “because postmodernism, in many ways—especially as it’s played out politically—is the new skin that the old Marxism now inhabits.” Read on…

Fattening the Marxist maggot

It might seem strange for a conservative website to advertise a series of lectures marking the centenary of The Russian Revolution.  The reason is simple. Marxism and Marxists never went away. They just changed their tactics and their target. Many of them have never made an effort to hide their Marxist philosophy or their intentions to destroy bourgeois society. The internet is bulging with thoughts of Marxists of all colours. You don’t have to exert yourself too much to find a Marxist group that suits your particular nightmares. So people should be aware of their presence.

A second reason is that I want to encourage conservatives to make an effort to understand what Marxism is as a political philosophy. You have to know your enemy. Too many conservative have not a clue what Marxism is about. They are not even aware of the crucial base/superstructure dogma that is at the heart of Marxism.

The series of lectures can be seen on the World Socialist Web Site.

Unmasking Saul Alinsky: ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’

It is a tragic fact that most people in the West’s liberal democracies have never heard of the name Saul Alinsky, let alone know who he is. Tragic because Saul Alinsky probably takes the title for the most evil and the most effective operative in the leftist campaign to collapse traditional Western society whose foundation is Christianity. And there is strong competition among some monsters for that title.  By savagely applying Marxism in the concrete circumstances he took radical leftist theory to its logical end. And that’s not to the socialist heaven-on-earth that is the false promise of Marxism.

Alinsky’s best known book Rules for Radicals is a handbook for the application of his methods. Those methods boil down to one injuncture: do whatever ever it takes to attain the power necessary for the irresistible implementation of your political program. In Australia, the application of the Alinsky method is seen most flagrantly in the actions of GetUp!, the Greens Party, some unions (most notably in the CFMEU), radical Marxist organizations like the Socialist Alternative, and in sections of the Labor Party. Continue reading “Unmasking Saul Alinsky: ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’”