Is this the worst analogical argument you’ve ever heard?

There are feminists in high positions who seemed to have been born with a degraded reasoning faculty, compensated for by rampant emotions that we are to take as rational thinking.

Sarah Silverman thinks it’s time to start legislating male masturbation

Look, Sarah Silverman gets it. We live in a country filled with anti-abortion activists who feel they have the right to decide what a woman does with her body. It sucks, but that’s where we’re at. In 2016. Sure, fine, OK.

But if we’re going to defend the right of men to enact laws that limit the options of pregnant women, Silverman has just one follow-up question: Shouldn’t we do the same with men who wish to regularly masturbate without consideration for the poor sperm cells they kill every time they do so? Read on…


Pornography and the degeneration of maleness

A comparison of the education of boys and men and their social influences in the 1950s with those of men and boys in early decades of the 21st century will give a glimpse of the causes of male degeneration over the last sixty years. This state of affairs (the degeneration of men and maleness) is of the utmost seriousness to the Burkean conservative and deserves far more attention than has been given to it. Two major features of this degeneration are excessive consumption of alcohol and pornography. LifeSite has posted a piece that claims ‘Neuroscience has proved that pornography is literally making men’s brains more childish. Seriously.’ If the appalling behaviour of some our male sporting stars is any indication then neuroscience is on to something here.

Two hundred years ago in the U.K., if you said you were going to a “gentleman’s club,” it was understood you were going to a private upper-class establishment where you could relax, read, play parlor games, get a meal, and gossip with others of your class. Today, in the U.S., if you said you were going to a “gentleman’s club,” it is assumed you will be paying to see a striptease in a low-lit bar.

Is this really what should typify a “gentleman”?

Pornography is often classified, along with other sexually oriented businesses, as “adult” entertainment—something for “mature” audiences. If this meant that these kinds of entertainment are “not suitable for children” then few would protest…Read on here

The Red Pill

Social commentator Bettina Arndt has been speaking about the controversial (for the Left) film The Red Pill. The following links will give more than a hint of the central issues. Breaking open the social problem of feminist misandry is long overdue.

The Red Pill

Ban MRA Cassie Jaye from Australia

Time for men’s issues to be on the agenda