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The Voice – It’s about sedition

NZ’s experience proves the Voice is not a ‘simple request’

How best to understand the danger of the activists’ divisive Voice to Parliament?

Ask a Kiwi like Casey Costello, an equality campaigner with Maori and Irish/English heritage, who as spokesperson of Hobson’s Pledge, knows the grave consequences of dividing our democratic system by race.

She joined Fair Australia spokeswoman Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price in Canberra this week to issue a grim warning about what Australians can expect if New Zealand’s version of the Voice is a guide.

Remember this is what is coming if the dangerous and divisive Voice gets up.

In an interview with former Senator Amanda Stoker on Sky News, Casey spoke about how New Zealand’s government has given the Maori “a special kind of constitutional status”.

She said New Zealand’s Voice and Treaty for the Maori – in the form of the Waitangi Tribunal – has become a “co-governance” model.

This means there are two governments in New Zealand, one for Maori, one for non-Maori.

And they are constantly in conflict.

Casey said this system has divided New Zealand by race on the assumption that “better decisions will be made because the Maori’s will have a voice”.

The reality?

“Instead, it is a self-appointed, elitist minority advocating that they speak for all Maori, and the outcomes aren’t being achieved. In fact, in some areas we’ve gotten worse outcomes,” she said.

The specifics are terrifying.

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Catholic conservative to be New Zealand’s next prime minister

The Guardian Australia reports that Bill English a ‘Catholic conservative’ is to take over the reins of government in New Zealand from popular and successful John Key. One wonders how the leftist world in New Zealand is going to deal with this dangerous development.

In Australia the news that a conservative Catholic had any chance at all of assuming the office of prime minister would raise the temperature of Australia’s inbred anti-Catholic sectarianism several degrees. Tony Abbott is the convincing empirical evidence such a reaction.

Government in New Zealand these last few years seem to be doing better than in Australia where the Marxist left have almost total control over our institutions. Perhaps the New Zealand people will similarly do better in honouring the liberal doctrine of freedom of religion.

It is reported that Bill English is a quiet person who busies himself with his political responsibilities. Quiet though he may be, he is, however, not afraid to give expression to his religious belief:

“It is very good for someone in public life to spend a minimum of an hour a week participating in … in my case, going to mass and hearing language like forgiveness, mercy, sinfulness, worship – none of which you hear about in day-to-day political life.”

“And also hearing stories of humanity going back four or five thousand years. It creates a more rounded perspective on the events of the day.”

Here he is not only frankly expressing how he regards his religious belief. It is also pointing to the fundamental place of Christianity in Western Civilization.

Gerard Wilson