Gay marriage is about the destruction of marriage

Marxist activist merely confirms what everyone should know, but does not, or refuses to know, not even when the truth is thrust in front of their face. It seems that few in the community are willing to resist the delusion poisoning Western Society.

Threats to liberty of conscience

This authoritative essay appeared on the website WHY VOTE NO?


The following is a paper by Augusto Zimmermann LLB (Hon.), LLM, PhD (Mon.) that outlines how amending the Marriage Act would potentially harm liberty of conscience and freedom of religion in Australia.

Dr Zimmermann quotes the case of Church of the New Faith v Commissioner of Pay-Roll Tax (Victoria),[29] in which Mason ACJ and Brennan stated:

Freedom of religion, the paradigm freedom of conscience, is of the essence of a free society. The chief function in the law of a definition of religion is to mark out an area within which a person subject to the law is free to believe and to act in accordance with his belief without legal restraint. Such a definition affects the scope and operation of s. 116 of the Constitution and identifies the subject matters which other laws are presumed not to intend to affect. Religion is thus a concept of fundamental importance to the law.[30]

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Compulsory evil and the new totalitarianism

The Cardinal Van Thuan Observatory posted the following warning. The warning applies not just to Catholics but to all who see the same transgressions of the natural law.


The entry into force of a law in France that will penalize anyone who seeks via Internet to dissuade women from abortion is a new sign that the threshold of totalitarianism has been crossed. This threshold is crossed when national legislation not only permits evil, but also makes it compulsory and considers doing good to be a crime; when national legislation not only admits deviations from natural law, but imposes them, forcing compliance with an unnatural right; when non negotiable become principles contrary to the non negotiable ones.

It is evident to everyone that this threshold has now been crossed in many cases; for example, when the US Supreme Court made it compulsory for the 50 states to make same-sex marriage admissible by law; when the French parliament approved the Taubira law on “matrimony for all” without permitting mayors or other public officials to invoke conscientious objection. We also witnessed this in Italy with the approval of the Cirinnà law on civil unions. As of that moment, any family policy would have been to the advantage of civil unions as well. Therefore, no public administration would have been able to consider itself exempt from doing evil: it was compulsory for one and all. Another example was the recent case of the San Camillo Hospital in Rome where invited to apply for positions on the medical staff were only physicians willing to perform abortions. Continue reading “Compulsory evil and the new totalitarianism”