The Marxist agenda

The changes in Western Society have been so dramatic and radical since around 1965 that more and more people are believing what they once rejected as nonsense. More and more people are seeing that what was right in 1965 is wrong in 2023, what was good in 1965 is evil in 2023, and what was natural in 1965 is now unnatural. While children were taught to be proud of their country in 1965, they are now taught in 2023 to be ashamed of it for a variety of alleged crimes.

What most people don’t realize is that the changes were the object of Marxists and their agenda. Fundamentally, Marxists believe Western Society is irredeemably oppressive and has to be destroyed to relieve people of white capitalist oppression. Marxists have achieved much of their agenda, but there is still much to be dismantled, particular in white Anglo society. Indeed, white Anglo Christians were the originators of oppressive capitalism. One could say white Anglo capitalism is tautologous. Capitalism by definition is white and Anglo.

Russian defector Yuri Bezmenov tried to warn Western Society about marxist subversion, but not enough people took notice. The constant warnings people drew from Bezmenov writings and interviews have not broken through. A critical difficulty is often recognizing who the Marxists are and what exactly they’re doing to achieve their goals. However, there are now signs of a dawning among ordinary people. Below are links to articles and videos unveiling the decomposition of Western Society Marxists are engineering.


The first links below are four programs run by Dutchman Robert Jansen, abused by Dutch mainstream media as ‘far right.’ The programs are of a 1989 recording by an American pediatrician Dr Lawrence Dunegan of what he had heard at a private social gathering in 1969 in Pittsburgh, America. So dumbfounded was Dunegan that he made notes later which became the basis of the 1989 recording.

Dr Dunegan had attended a pediatrics conference at which prominent professor Dr Richard Day was a main speaker. Dr Day was the medial director of Planned Parenthood. After the conference, Day took a small group of fellow pediatrics to a restaurant where he outlined the plans an elite Marxist group had formulated to gain control of Western society, and thus the world.

Now Robert Jensen’s audience is of the right, but some were shocked to the core by what they heard. What they heard were plans announced at a private social gathering in 1969 that were by 2023 largely achieved. The programs were disorientating for many. They could not be believed they had been so easily manipulated as to fall unresistingly in with the Marxists’ plans. The programs are primarily for a Dutch-speaking audience but I have given the elapsed time before Dunegan’s (English) recording begins in each program.

Program 1 – VERJAARDAGSSHOW DEEL 1 – DE JENSEN SHOW #559, 36 mins 39 secs.

Program 2 – VERJAARDAGSSHOW DEEL 2- DE JENSEN SHOW #560, 1 min 55 secs

Program 3 – VERJAARDAGSSHOW DEEL 3 – DE JENSEN SHOW #561 26 mins 59 secs

Program 4 – VERJAARDAGSSHOW DEEL 4 – DE JENSEN SHOW #562 8 mins 25 secs


(1983) WHY Companies MUST be WOKE or REALLY GO BROKE – YouTube *** Who thought that one filthy rich man could blackmail the entire corporate world into submission?

(1983) FULL INTERVIEW with Yuri Bezmenov: The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion (1984) – YouTube