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Foundation for a system of apartheid

From time out of mind groups of people have been everywhere on the move. Groups settled and sometimes merged with other groups to form a new independent people or nation which endured as long as the people had the cultural confidence and strength to do so. So has been the case of with Australia. The arrival of the First Fleet heralded the origination of a new independent country into which the Aboriginals (the British name for the many sparse nomadic tribes) would  naturally merged.

The new incorporation of people, whatever their background, is now known as  Australia – Australia as distinct from a mass of land between geographical coordinates. It exists (at the moment, at least) under one form of government, law and justice that is applicable to all. The rights and duties of citizenship extend to all whatever their background. There is no other system, however one wants to conceive it. One people under one flag as a symbol.

The High Court Mabo Judgement which recognised the ownership of the Murray Islands by the Meriam people was an example of judicial activism driven by a political purpose. The dissenting High Court judge Justice Dawson explained in his judgement why the Mabo Judgement was not based on or followed the established law. The Meriam people’s ownership of the Murray Islands, for which there was a strong commonsense case, could have been established without recourse to the High Court of Australia.

Even if the judgement’s reasoning established that the Meriam people owned their islands, there was no logical or analogical or substantial basis for applying the same reasoning to the continent of Australia. None, except the political motivation, and the political objective. The politics wound up to fever pitch by the interested parties rammed the Native Title Act through parliament. Another powerful front for the subversion of Australia had been opened up.

The Native Title Act is the foundation of a far advanced plan to establish a system of apartheid in Australia – an apartheid that sets up a minority superior class to whom great expanses of the continent will be given and who will be the pensioners on the soldier ants who do all the work and produce all the wealth.

This page contains links to articles about the campaign by Ango-indigenous to establish a system of apartheid in Australia in which a minority superior class wrestles sovereignty from the rest of Australia. The support for the campaign comes from a traitor class of Australians using the institutions and associations they have gained control over, the foremost of which is the billion-dollar government funded ABC (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

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Keith Windschuttle, Editor-in-Chief of Quadrant Magazine, has written extensively on the Aboriginal issue. His work includes the monumental series The Fabrication of Aboriginal History. Below are two Quadrant articles he wrote in response to academic criticism of his book, The Break-up of Australia: The Real Agenda behind Aboriginal Recognition.

Part One: Fabricating Disenfranchised Aborigines

Part Two: The Intent of the Constitution’s Authors