Anglophobia – Anti-White Racism

One of the most astonishing movements in recent years, backed by theory and the academy, is the steep rise of anti-white racism. Anti-white racism, typically called ‘anti-racism’ by its purveyor, entered the campuses with Marxism in the 1960s, but it has skyrocketed in the last twenty years. It should be no surprise because Marxism and Marxist ideas infect all organs of our disintegrating Western Society.

It’s wrapped in the usual twisted, swollen, obfuscating academic jargon, but its bottom line is a fierce hatred for white people and their civilization, more specifically people from an Anglo background, meaning those from the British Isles or those with ancestry in the British Isles. The worst of its utterances is the call for white genocide. How could this be? Why has there been no effective action, particularly by governments, to stop its spread?

Australia ended its so-called ‘white Australia’ policy in 1973. (Keith Windschuttle has vigorously challenged the ‘White Australia’ thesis in his book, The White Australia Policy.) Since then the nation has bent over backwards to alter its perception as an (allegedly) racist country. Our immigration policy has been scrupulously non-discriminatory. We have taken people from the poorest, most underdeveloped countries, even those from strikingly incompatible cultures, and given them a chance of a new life for themselves and their families. While most immigrants express their gratitude for a new start, there is a growing minority subscribing to the ‘whiteness’ propaganda.

Some of the most outspoken purveyors of Anglophobia or anti-white racism come from countries wracked by poverty and ethnic violence. After receiving an education that has given them a university qualification and the way into the best jobs and political networks they rage about the ‘whiteness’ and ‘white privilege’ that surrounds them (see case of Xiaoran Shi). That white people were responsible for all the advantages they enjoy is of no account.

Until the 1950s, after most of our social and economic infrastructure had been established, at least ninety-five percent of Australians were from an Anglo background. Should a determined campaign of racial hatred reward us for the struggle, sometimes soul-destroying, to build one of the most prosperous and politically free nations in the world? Below are links to articles and commentaries on Anglophobia.


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ANGLOPHOBIA: The Unrecognised Hatred eBook : Harry Richardson and Frank Salter

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Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred, Richard Harrison & Frank Salter, Quadrant, 31 March, 2022.
Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred, Part II, Richard Harrison & Frank Salter, Quadrant, 28 April, 2022.
Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred, Part III: Anglos Must Not Defend Themselves – Quadrant Online, Richard Harrison and Frank Salter, 30 April 2022
Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred, Part IV – Quadrant Online, Richard Harrison and Frank Salter, Quadrant, 29 June 2022


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