Australian Folk Songs

There is a whole body of Australian folks songs many of which Australians once knew (Botay Bay and Click Go the Shears, for example). For very apparent purposes, they have been ignored in an attempt by a certain class of Australian residents to erase them from our memory. Below are some of the most popular.

Botany Bay – Sung by Mirusia Louwerse – singer on the Home Page

Botany Bay – second version as sea shanty, more common rendition

Along the Road to Gundagai

Click Go the Shears

Eumerella Shore

The Wild Colonial Boy

Clancy of the Overflow

Diamantina Drover 

The Man from Ironbark

The Dying Stockman

Modern songs in the same spirit

Boys from the bush

True Blue – celebrating the life of Steve Irwin

Home among the Gum Trees