Cardinal Pell Appeal

The following are links to articles and comments on Cardinal Pell’s failed appeal, or appeared after the appeal rejection.

A judge’s doubt, Jeremy Gans, Inside Story

The persecution of Cardinal Pell, Lumen Fidei Institute

The Pell Case: Australia’s Dreyfus Affair? Phil Lawler,

The incredible kid, David James Pearce on Freedoms Project

Cardinal Pell and the Burden of Proof, Peter West, Quadrant

Pell Case: ‘Accusations is proof’, Professor Dennis J. Baker, Cambridge University

A last chance for Australian justice, George Weigel, Ethics and Public Policy Centre

Cardinal Pell’s supernumerary torture, Professor Mirko Bagaric, director of the Sentencing and Criminal Justice Project at Swinburne University

A Blight on the whole criminal justice system, Anthony Charles Smith, Annals Australasia

Andrew Bolt proves Cardinal Pell’s innocence, Sky News

George Pell sex abuse conviction must be examined, Peter Balwin, The Australian

Cardinal Pell’s Appeal and Australia’s High Court: What’s In Play? National Catholic Register

George Pell and the SJW Fembots, Paul Collits, Quadrant

Cardinal’s legal team objects to prosecutor’s response – CathNews

George Pell vs the Queen – Supreme Court of Victoria, Court of Appeal – the verdict

Where the Pell Judgment Went Fatally Astray, John Finnis, Quadrant

The Contradictions of the Choirboy, Keith Windschuttle, Quadrant

The Pell Case: A Strong Odour of Injustice – Anthony Daniels, Quadrant

Pell’s New Appeal and ‘This Hiatus, This Gap’ – Keith Windschuttle, Quadrant

What the Pell case is really about – Michael Griffin, Quadrant

Australian Justice in the Dock – George Weigel, First Things

Cardinal Pell Appeal: Delusion piled on delusion – Robin Speed, President of the Rule of Law Institute of Australia, News Weekly

Falsely, Matilda – George Weigel, Ethics and Public Policy centre

A judge’s doubts – Professor Melbourne Law School

The questions that linger after Cardinal Pell’s Appeal – Gerard Bradley, Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame in the US

The Networks that Snared George Pell, Paul Collits, Quadrant

Cardinal Pell is innocent. Those who persecute him are not – Michael Warren Davis, Crisis Magazine

The Contradictions of the Choirboy, Keith Windschuttle, Quadrant

Insinuate…Incriminate… Incarcerate, Peter Smith, Quadrant

NCC Online Briefing – Peter Westmore of the National Civic Council

Double Standards in the Court of Appeal, Keith Windschuttle, Quadrant

When the Barely Possible Counts Against You, Peter Smith, Quadrant

The Pell Outrage: ‘Vibe’ Trumps Veracity, Peter Luck, Quadrant

A Certain Disease of the Law – The Catholic World Report, Dr Douglas Farrow

C.L. : No Country for old Catholics – Catallaxy Files