I am listing links to articles and comments on the conviction of Cardinal George Pell, highlighting the grave problems in the decision.

News Weekly is also running an extensive CARDINAL PELL FILE. Recommended. website with comments on the Pell Affair

The Pell case reminds the world why Cardinals wear red


The Appeal of Cardinal Pell – Peter Westmore

The Majesty of the Law – Keith Windshuttle, Quadrant

George Pell and the Jury – Keith Windschuttle, Quadrant

Judge treats Cardinal Pell to a spot of ‘open justice’ – Peter Westmore, Newsweekly

Cardinal George Pell Timeline – National Catholic Register

Pell’s vestments: The prosecution’s impossible claim – Peter Wales, Quadrant Online

Today’s burning and those to come – Paul Collits, Quadrant Online

When a jury gets it ludicrously wrong – Peter Wales, Quadrant Online

Night descends on our age of reason – Peter Kurti, Quadrant Online

Pro-Pell and Pulped as a Consequence – Professor David Daintree as reproduced in Quadrant

Today’s Public Burning and Those to Come – Paul Collits, Quadrant Online

Cardinal Pell Sentenced to Six Years in Prison – Stephen Wynne,

George Pell and the jury – Keith Windschuttle, Editor-in-Chief, Quadrant Magazine

Pell conviction a most unusual case – Peter Westmore, The Catholic Weekly

Truth and Justice after the Pell verdict – Fr Frank Brennan SJ, Eureka Street

Why the Case against Cardinal George Pell Doesn’t Stand Up – George Weigel, Ethic and Public Policy Centre

Andrew Bolt on Pell – Sky News

Beyond reasonable doubt: Was Pell convicted without fear or favour? – John Sylvester, The Age

Cardinal Pell felled by abuse claims – but are they credible? – Michael Cook, Mercatornet

Cardinal Pell maintains his innocence – Lianne Laurence, Life Site

The Cloud of Doubt over Pell’s Conviction – James Franklin, Quadrant Online

Catholics, Sex, and Cardinal Pell – Peter Wales, Quadrant

The ‘Getting’ of George Pell – Geoffrey Luck, Quadrant Online

This Was a Fair Trial? – Quadrant Online

Triumphalism over Pell verdict shows civilisation just a venee
r – Greg Barnes, News Weekly

Cardinal Pell’s Conviction Announced After New Trial Falls Apart – Steve Skojec, OnePeterFive

De Mattei: The Condemnation of Cardinal Pell, the Church and the World – Roberto de Mattei, Rorte Caeli

Pell’s conviction and fall from high public esteem is a question of judgment – Paul Kelly, The Australian

The Pell Case: What It Says, Where It’s Going – Paul Collits, Quadrant Online

The Pell Affair: Australia Is Now on Trial – George Weigel, Ethic and Public Policy Centre

Pell’s ordeal reinforces the case for judge-only trials – Gerard Henderson, The Australian

Pell from a Distance – James Schall SJ, Mercatornet

Calling Cardinal Pell’s Prosecution What It Is: Religious Persecution – Fr Raymond J de Souza, National Catholic Register

Cardinal Pell in prison – a view from Hong Kong – Macau Catholic Weekly

Cardinal Pell is innocent, that’s why – Italian blog La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana