Cardinal Pell works



The Sisters of St Joseph in Swan Hill 1922–72 (1972) 

Catholicism in Australia (1988)

Rerum Novarum – One Hundred Years Later (1992)

Catholicism and the Architecture of Freedom.

Bread, stones or fairy floss: religious education today (pamphlet). Melbourne: Australian Catholic Truth Society Publications, (1977). 

Are our secondary schools Catholic? (pamphlet). Melbourne: Australian Catholic Truth Society Publications. (1979). 

An evaluation of the goal of moral autonomy in the theory and practice of, Lawrence Kohlberg (microfiche). Clayton, Melbourne: Monash University. (1982). 

Issues of Faith and Morals (paperback). Melbourne: Oxford University Press. George Pell, Mary Woods, Mary Helen (1996). 

Catholicism and the architecture of freedom (oration). The Inaugural Acton Lecture on Religion and Freedom. St Leonards, Sydney: Centre for Independent Studies (Australia). (1999) p. 14

Be not afraid : collected writing (paperback). Sydney: Duffy & Snellgrove. (2004)

God and Caesar: Selected Essays on Religion, Politics, and Society (paperback). Ballan, Victoria: Casey, M. A. (ed.). Connor Court, 2007

Test Everything: Hold Fast to What Is Good (paperback). Livingstone, Tess (ed.). Ballan, Victoria: Connor Court, 2010.

Contemplating Christ with Luke, Connor Court Publishing, 2012

Ratzinger’s Faith : The Theology of Pope Benedict XVI, George Pell (Fwd); Tracey Rowland, Oxford University Press, USA (2009)

The Council In Question: A Dialogue with Catholic Traditionalism, Nichols O.P., Aidan; Doorly, Moyra; Pell, Cardinal George [Foreword]

Cardinal Reflections: Active Participation and the Liturgy, Francis Cardinal Arinze, Franis Cardinal George, Jorge Cardinal Medina Estevex, & George Cardinal Pell

Priests – What Lies Ahead, Carlos Granados, Luis F Ladaria, George Pell, Livio Melina, Charles J Chaput, Richard Goodyear (translator), Ignatius Press, (2018)

The Gospel of the Family: Going Beyond Cardinal Kasper’s Proposal in the Debate on Marriage, Civil Re-Marriage and Communion in the Church, J. J. Pérez-Soba; S. Kampowski; Cardinal George Pell [Foreword], Ignatius Press, 2014