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Matthews Flinders – Australian hero reburied

It is more than ironic that Australia’s so-called multicultural (government-funded) television channel did a report on the reburial of Matthew Flinders, the English explorer who gave the new nation, Australia, its name. There was no Australia before the settlers from the British Isles founded our nation in January 1788.

It’s ironic because SBS is anti-white central in the Australian media and the mouthpiece for the mostly mixed-race people who have reinvented themselves as Aboriginal and are successfully pursuing their separatist agenda.

White reinvented Aboriginals – ‘Blak, loud and proud’

The Voice – the campaign for segregation, separatism, and massive land transfer – utterly failed. Undaunted, the campaigners are coming at it from the direction of ‘truth telling’ and ‘treaty’.

If only they would tell the truth about the notion of nation.

The campaign would be nothing without the perfidious people at the government-funded ABC.


National NAIDOC Awards winners embody 2024 NAIDOC Week theme of ‘Blak, Loud and Proud’

By Indigenous affairs reporter Tahnee Jash and Sophie Holder, ABC 7 July 2024

The National NAIDOC Week Awards in Adelaide on Saturday night embodied this year’s theme: Blak, Loud and Proud.

It was the first major gathering of First Nations people since the defeat of the Indigenous Voice referendum last year, with almost 2,000 people in the crowd breaking last year’s record.

Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney said despite the disappointing referendum result, it was reaffirming to see a large crowd gathered to celebrate Black excellence.

“I think us coming together tonight in such huge numbers is really important to build our spirits and build our joy and our belief in just how incredible our people are,” she said.

Reflecting on the referendum result, she said there were “silver linings”.

“We’re in South Australia — there’s a voice to parliament, there’s a treaty process. The only state that doesn’t have a treaty process or truth-telling process is Western Australia,” she said.

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Indoctrination and national betrayal – how far will it go?

Students told to put ‘hands on the ground’, repeat ‘always will be Aboriginal land’ before assembly

Primary students are being told to put their “hands on the ground” and say “always will be Aboriginal land” during the Acknowledgement of Country.

Frank Chung, 2 July 2024

Students at a Sydney primary school are being told to put their hands on the ground and repeat “always was, always will be Aboriginal land” as part of the Acknowledgement of Country ceremony before each assembly.

It’s understood schools are also increasingly opting to play the “Aboriginal instruments” Australian national anthem in lieu of the standard version for assemblies.

“I’m not sure a lot of people know,” said one mum from NSW’s lower Blue Mountains, who did not want her children’s school named. “We have to touch the ground and say ‘always was, always will be Aboriginal land’ at the start of assembly at school now.”

The mum said she “only noticed recently” the addition of the updated national anthem accompanied by the didgeridoo and stick instruments.

Versions of the national anthem featuring Aboriginal instruments have been in use at some schools for several years, and are listed among official recordings on the Prime Minister and Cabinet website.

“A lot of the parents look confused when they place their hands on the floor for the Acknowledgement of Country,” the mum added.

Another parent at the school confirmed touching the ground had been a standard part of assemblies for some time.

It’s understood that the NSW Department of Education advocates the use of the Acknowledgement of Country at schools across the state as a sign of respect to local Indigenous communities.

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