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British Colonialism – was it good or bad?

A long review of one’s cultural antecedents would reveal that the past has been a process of growth, adjustments, defeats, revival, consolidations until the present time. Take what I regard as Australian history. Time travel would take the majority of Australians back to the United Kingdom. From there, we would go back through the centuries, through migrations, invasions, colonization, and consolidation to the tribes of Northwestern Europe. From there one goes into the haze of pre-history or unrecorded history.

The point is that the above phases are a natural part of human history, a part of the nation into which one is born at a particular time. A country, a nation or a people is not illegitimate because it was the result of colonization and migration. Indeed, the new stable consolidation erases and supersedes whatever was prior to it.

However, one can make a moral and social judgment about a particular phase of migration and colonization. Prof. Nigel Biggar, Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at the University of Oxford and canon of Christ Church Cathedral does so in his new book, Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning . Professor Biggar is interviewed by Peter Whittle on The New Culture Forum.

The fury of anti-white racism

Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred, Part II

Richard Harrison & Frank Salter, Quadrant, 28 April 2022

Part 1 of this series examined antipathy towards Anglos, who were defined as: people descended from the indigenous population of the British Isles in Australia and overseas as well as those who have assimilated into those populations.

We named this hatred “Anglophobia” in line with other forms of hostility such as homophobia and Islamophobia. As Anglophobia is a form of racism, various dimensions of racism were discussed along with related sociological concepts. Types of Anglophobia were described under the headings vilification, discrimination and violence.

In Part 2 we continue examining types of vilification, especially Critical Race Theory. This ideology has expanded to become an industry, impinging negatively on popular culture, education and much more. Connected topics include the claim that only white people can be racist because racism is a form of power, the replacement of Anglo identity in historical movies, and the firing of a producer of the British television drama Midsomer Murders. Finally, we examine how the accusation of “white supremacism” levelled at Anglo culture is contradicted by that culture not having the highest incomes or educational outcomes.

[4. Are considered prone to racism according to the ideology of “Critical Race Theory”, even when no direct evidence of racism exists.]

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A ‘moderate’ Liberal is a left-wing woke infiltrator

In a brazenly bias act that demonstrated the helpless ideological bent of the mainstream media, political journalists led by the hacks from the ABC, the Age, the Guardian, and the Sydney Morning Herald began calling Liberals who opposed Tony Abbott, ‘moderate’ Liberals. This was to distinguish Liberals who subscribed to a left-wing woke view of the world from the ‘far-right’ ( read conservative) Liberals who supported Tony Abbott. And the label, despite its transparently brazen prejudice, stuck.

‘Moderate’ when applied to a Liberal is code for subscribing to a Marxist position on abortion, the unending program of LGBTG+++, sexualising of children, homosexual marriage, open borders, Aboriginal separatism, and lately the crackpot ideology of transgenderism that has males competing in female sports, thus destroying sport for females.

The latest ‘moderate’ Liberal to publicly wear the badge of intolerant Liberal lefty is Matt Kean, the NSW State Liberal Government’s treasurer. Kean is a man for whom the conservative can justly have loads of disgust and contempt.

Kean showed his fat ‘moderate’ head above the trenches in response to Katherine Deves’s position on transgenderism. Attractive Deves is the newly selected Liberal candidate for the federal seat of Waringah, currently held by the very limited wokist, Zali Steggall. Deves uttered opinions in very colorful language about transgenderism and woman’s sport with which every conservative worthy of the name would heartily agree and approve – both the position and the language. Fathead Matt lost his temper and joined the media pile-on. Here is his spray as reported by the ABC:

Mr Kean, who is a leader of the moderate faction in New South Wales, told the ABC there should be no room for her views inside the Liberal Party.

She’s got to go,” Mr Kean said.

“There is no place for that vile bigotry in a mainstream political party or quite frankly anywhere.

“I am sick of people turning a blind eye to it.”

Kean later supported his outburst to the ABC with extra detail. He tweeted:

There is no place in a mainstream political party for bigotry. Coming out as Trans would be hugely challenging, especially for kids, and political leaders should be condemning the persecution of people based on their gender, not participating in it.

Kean, like the usual unreflective ideologically-enslaved wokist, begs the question – as any discriminating philosophy 101 student could tell you. He assumes what is at issue, namely transgenderism. You see, Matt, transgenderism is a theory in which there are problems screaming for clarification and justification. There are issues of rights (of women), of biology and psychology that for a person of average intelligence and good will need clarification. You need to defend your position, and not like a bloated commissar lazily dismiss opposition with abuse and call for their destruction.

On his own implicit principles, Matt Kean is a vile bigot.

How does a politician like Matt Kean survive in the Liberal Party of Robert Menzies, let alone hold a crucial portolio? Well, the process of infiltration of inimical people and ideas into the Liberal Party began shortly after Menzies retired in 1966. Like all Marxist infiltration it was gradual and determined until they had an irremovable foothold – a critical mass. Fathead Matt is one of the group.

A sure test of who is in the group is when the wokist media attach ‘moderate’ to the Liberal’s name.

How the ABC became Marxist

With the general election just announced, the Australian public should prepare themselves for an onslaught of leftist commentary pouring from most mainstream media, from the kindergarten-level Guardian, through the Age and Sydney Morning Herald to a cluster of upstarts like Crikey, the Saturday Paper and other such forgettable aspirants. But above all, one must prepare for that great billion-dollar Monolith, the ABC, whose Marxist mentality will emerge, despite desperate efforts (by some, at least) to hide their incorrigible political bias. But is it just abuse to call the ABC political hacks Marxist?

Gerard Henderson of the Sydney Institute continually mocks the ABC as a ‘conservative free zone’. Not only is there not one producer or program presenter conservative in a meaningful sense, but there is not a single utterance of conservative thought to be heard anywhere. How did this appalling state of affairs come about when the ABC was once known for its maintenance of Australia’s conservative culture?

Henderson tells us in a comment piece in 2016 that it all started with the ascendance of Allan Ashbolt, long-time producer at the ABC. Ashbolt was Marxist and once a Marxist gets a toe-hold in any organization, steady subversion is the result which only stops when the organization is fully Marxist. So it happened at the ABC.


Allan Ashbolt’s ghost still haunts conservative-free ABC

8 January 2016|Categories: Gerard Henderson’s Weekly Column

Not surprisingly, the appointment of Australian-born, Singapore-based Google executive Michelle Guthrie as the new ABC managing director and editor-in-chief created considerable media interest. Guthrie is the first woman to head the taxpayer-funded public broadcaster and her $900,000 annual salary means she is one of the most highly paid public officials in the land.

For all that, if precedent is any guide, it does not matter much who succeeds the current managing director Mark Scott. The truth is that no one really runs the ABC. Not chairman James Spigelman and his board, which meets just once a month. And, judging by the performance of Scott and his predecessor Russell Balding, not the managing director.

Rather, for decades the ABC has been controlled by various cliques that dominate areas such as television news and current affairs, metropolitan radio, Radio National and, in contemporary times, online publications such as The Drum.

Key national news and current affairs programs such as 7.30Lateline, Q&A, Media WatchThe Drum (the TV production), RN Breakfast and Late Night Live are run by cabals that essentially re-employ or appoint like-minded people.

As Ken Inglis acknowledged in his sympathetic history This is the ABC, the leftist takeover of the public broadcaster began in the late 1960s when self-proclaimed Marxist Allan Ashbolt began stacking the organisation with young leftists. This coterie was affectionately labelled “Ashbolt’s kindergarten”.

It is this culture that has led to the reality that the ABC is a conservative-free zone without a conservative presenter, producer or editor for any of its prominent TV, radio or online products.

This is a sensitive point at the public broadcaster.

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The Australian censors me again

Today’s Australian has an extensive – I mean extensive – report of the Australian women’s cricket team’s successes, most particularly their defeat of England in the Women’s World Cup 50-overs final. It was not enough to praise them for their success in their category of play. No, once again the sports writer had to go into a delirium of admiration for the women, ending up comparing one batswoman’s performance with Adam Gilchrist, a true star of the men’s game. The report began thus.

Adam Gilchrist has paid tribute to Alyssa Healy as one of cricket’s greatest ever big-stage performers, after she eclipsed his own World Cup heroics in Christchurch.

Gilchrist is being admiringly humble. If he had ever batted against the bowling of the English women’s team, he would have been 500+ not out. It is total nonsense to compare women’s and men’s performances. It would be the same as comparing a boys’ under-16 team with the men’s team. Irritated, I dashed off the following in the comments section under the report.

‘The commentary on the women’s cricket is part of the ideological pretence forced on the general public. Many below the level of the media’s guardian are not fooled.’

It was an entirely appropriate comment, given the body of claims the public must pretend to believe in order to escape social annihilation, claims that would have had you laughed out of countenance a mere twenty years ago. The Australian did not pass it.

Are the Australian’s editors gutless, or do they really believe in the nonsense?

The free world? Don’t make me laugh

News reports about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine often invoke the opposition between the ‘Free World’ and the brutal tyranny of authoritarian regimes like Russia, China and North Korea. As I say, don’t make me laugh.

We did indeed have a free world in 1960, based on a mixture of liberal ideas harvested from philosophers like J.S. Mill, Thomas Paine, and John Locke. There was also the fundamental equality and moral freedom inherent in Christian Aristotelianism.

But all that changed when Marxists geared up their decades-old subversion to launch an open determined attack on the West around 1965. By 2022, Marxists and Marxist ideas have captured all the major institutions of Western Society. The liberalism of Locke and Mill – of the fellow travellers – has gone down the toilet with Burkean natural law conservatism and religious belief. 

Our system of democratic government is now the puppet of leftist media organizations like the ABC, woke corporations, woke corporate leaders, universities, millionaires, overseas billionaires who fund treasonous local organizations … and the rest.

Geoffrey Blainey on Australia Day

Australia Day doubters misread our past

Geoffrey Blainey

From the Weekend Australian, 25 January 2018

Australia Day is still important. The nation would be unwise — and seen by later generations as foolish — if it did not proclaim its legitimacy, and its successes and even failures too, on one special day.

Admittedly, many critics deride January 26 as Invasion Day, though they read their history backwards. Captain Arthur Phillip had no intention of launching an invasion that would eventually cover and conquer even a fraction of Australia.

He made no claims whatsoever to the sites of Darwin or Perth. He was interested only in the area close to Sydney Harbour, which he acquired with ease. It was easy because the Aborigines were divided; many welcomed him at first.

The British were more interested in sea than land. After Sydney Harbour their next choice was Norfolk Island, 1500km out to sea.

On February 14, 1788, almost three weeks after that first Australia Day, sailors and convicts left Sydney to occupy that remote ­island. There they were at work before Governor Phillip set eyes on Parramatta and the Hawkesbury River.

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Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

Model Indigenous Australian

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is a loyal Australian on whom those who claim to be ‘indigenous’ can model themselves. Rather than engaging in hate-filled myth-making and cultural re-invention, she appeals to Australian solidarity in solving the nation’s problems – not just the problems of Aboriginals. Jacinta is Country Liberal Party candidate for the Senate in the Northern Territory. She is an outstanding candidate. Vote for her. Below is her latest newsletter.


Happy New Year to everyone, except the woke left loonies who set fire to Old Parliament House.

Happy New Year to everyone, except those who put a match to the building where Indigenous Australian hero Neville Bonner served as a senator for ALL Australians for 12 years.

Happy New Year to everyone, except those who tried to burn down the parliament where, as my mate Warren Mundine put it, “the wrongs of the past were corrected”.

Happy New Year to everyone who’s as fed up as I am with woke brats thinking they have the right to incinerate YOUR history.

After the challenges you faced in 2021, we had an opportunity over Christmas and New Year’s to reconnect, strengthen our ties and prepare for the year ahead.

But the left decided to ring in the new year with needless destruction and criminal acts against a place of democracy and significant historical meaning to ALL Australians.

And it’s not just a fringe few. Greens Senator Loopy Lidia Thorpe celebrated the fire, tweeting out “Seems like the colonial system is burning down. Happy New Year everyone”.

Shame on you, Lidia.

And now as we begin the new year the left has turned their sights on another symbol of our great nation. This time, back on the tired old mission to cancel Australia Day.

You’ve heard me say it before but I’ll say it again for those who missed it: leave Australia Day alone.

Australia Day is not, and has never been, about celebrating the suffering experienced by Indigenous Australians, It’s about celebrating ALL Australians, of ALL backgrounds and cultures, living together and striving for the common good of ALL of us.

We can’t ignore what happened in this country’s history, and changing the date won’t change our past, nor will it solve racism, extend Indigenous life-expectancy or reduce fatherlessness in Indigenous communities.

Cancelling Australia Day will only divide us further.

Australia Day is a day for all of us to celebrate how far we’ve come, the wonderful nation we live in, and to recommit ourselves to further improving life for ALL AUSTRALIANS.

So the left can have their mourning ceremony, fly the flag at half mast and compete in their own victim-olympics – but they can’t cancel Australia Day.

I hope you and your family enjoy this Australia Day, celebrating the wonderful country we are all privileged to call home.

Have a beer for me, and let’s get ready to make 2022 the year we come together to tackle the REAL problems facing Australia.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price Country Liberal Party Senate Candidate for NT

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Country Liberal Party (NT)
2.229 McMillans Road, Jingili
NT 0810
Tel: (08) 8996 9259

The hype about women’s cricket

‘Move over, boys: this is a real Ashes contest’

That was the headline over an article in this morning’s Australian by ‘Chief Sports Writer’ Jessica Halloran. I wrote the following in the comments section:

The hype about women’s sport is generally in fantasyland, but women’s cricket is right at the peak of the fantasy. The naming of a woman as cricketer of the year and the comparisons with giants of cricket like Don Bradman, Keith Miller and Alan Davidson are delusional. We all know that Australia’s top women’s cricket team would be going to beat a good under-16 schoolboy team. Let the women play their brand of cricket without the hype and the ridiculous fantasy.’

The Australian did not print my comment. Indeed, it has ignored most of my comments on other articles. The reason, as here, is that my comments usually focus on articles and issues that reflect the debilitating leftist/woke narrative rather than reality. Unfortunately, Australia’s only national newspaper, though pretending to cater for the (real) conservative reader, has not the courage to stray too far from the woke narrative, especially the feminist narrative.

One suspects Jessica Halloran has her position as ‘Chief Sports Writer’ because the Australian has succumbed to the feminist demand for a quota system. That often means appointing women to positions for which they have little understanding and no qualifications. Nothing could be more destructive for women of real ability.

No self-respecting sports writer would place the Australian women’s cricket team in the same category as the men’s team, let alone sullying the meaning of the ‘Ashes’ with all its history.

There were many comments criticising the article on the same grounds, but none as direct and blunt as mine, which is a measure of the pusillanimity of the Australian’s editors.

Australia has reached the position in 2022 where it asks its citizens to accept ideas, attitudes, and beliefs that are irrational and unreal. I will not do it.

It’s time for a planned resistance

What’s Happening to Australia

My life-long friend and I were chatting recently about the dramatic changes in Australian society since the revolutionary 1960s and 1970s. We both agreed that Australia has had its best years, those years culminating in the 1950s when Australia was one, sure of itself, patriotic and optimistic. A few days later, the essay below appeared, extending our conclusions. It is an excellent essay that serves as a warning to the ordinary Australian. If someone does not act soon to stem the decay, well, we can kiss goodbye to our nation and leave it in the hands of those who hate us.

Daniel Wild, in Essays for Australia, IPA

29 November 2021

For many Australians, Australia no longer feels like Australia. The relaxed, sunny, and optimistic attitude characteristic of the quintessential Australian has been replaced by a deep sense of pessimism, malaise, and a loss of self-confidence and self-belief. There is a growing unease that something has gone very wrong with our country and way of life, accompanied by an unshakable belief that Australia’s best days are behind it.

The spirit of our sunny optimism was perhaps best captured on 29 November 1948, the day the first commercially sold Holden rolled off the assembly line at Fishermans Bend in Port Melbourne. The Holden was “Australia’s own car.” The first car “made in Australia, for Australia”, described by then-Prime Minister Ben Chifley as a “beauty.”

The Holden was more than a car. It was a symbol of national success and hope for the future. The parent company of Holden, General Motors, stated at the time that “the manufacture of a car is the greatest industrial stride Australia has made since the production of steel was introduced in Newcastle in 1915.” And that the start of car manufacturing “will go down as a milestone in Australia’s history.”

It was a time when almost every Australian who wanted a job had one. And almost every one of those jobs was stable, full-time, and available to Australians of any cultural background, skill level, or occupation. It was the era that gave birth to the Australian dream of owning a home in the suburbs on a quarter acre block.

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