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Don’t dare say men are superior to women but . . .

Once upon a time, one would be inclined to take seriously an article like this (below). An impressive media banner, loads of statistics supporting the allegations, and impressive credentialed people making the allegations. Not anymore. We know legions of man-hating feminists, remorseless in their political activism, would spin any story if they thought it would be swallowed. Metro is a woke media player.

Second, the blissful hypocrisy of the sisterhood shows its spiteful face. There are professions, occupations, and activities that men are demonstrably better at than woman – often security and safety depending on them. But to mention them will earn condemnation, spite, and sometimes reputational destruction.

Third, it is true that females in the medical field can provide comfort, sympathy, and care that most males are incapable of. But often they don’t. An older person who regularly attends all manner of medical examinations will come across female medical professionals who are impatient, bossy, rude and insulting in their in the manner – often for no apparent reason. I have experience.

I suggest one should not take this Metro report seriously unless one can verify allegations elsewhere.


It’s official – female doctors are better than men

Stephen Beech,  Metro, Apr 23, 2024, 4:55pm

If you’re going into hospital, you want to know you’re getting the best care possible.

That now officially includes having a female doctor.

That’s because a new study has found patients are less likely to die when their doctor is a woman – with female patients enjoying an even lower risk.

Patients are also less likely to be readmitted after leaving hospital when they were treated by a female doctor.

The team behind the study said several factors may be behind the differences, and suggest that male doctors may underestimate the severity of their female patients’ illness.

Previous research has also noted that male doctors underestimate female patients’ pain levels, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular symptoms, and stroke risk, which could lead to delayed or incomplete care.

What is the Gender Pain Gap?

The Gender Pain Gap refers to how pain in women is poorly understood, and is therefore mistreated compared to men, which is due to systemic gaps and biases.

Research reveals that there are 28 million people suffering from chronic pain in the UK, and 70% of them are women. However, they are more likely to be misdiagnosed and their pain not taken as seriously as male patients.

One such condition, according to the WHO, is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which affects 8–13% of reproductive-aged women but 70% of affected women remain undiagnosed worldwide.

Study senior author Professor Yusuke Tsugawa said patient outcomes should not differ between male and female physicians if they practise medicine the same way.

‘What our findings indicate is that female and male physicians practice medicine differently, and these differences have a meaningful impact on patients’ health outcomes,’ he said.

The University of Tokyo and University of California, LA (UCLA) team examined US medical insurance claims for more than 458,000 female and 319,000 male patients between 2016 and 2019. f those, 142,500 and 97,500 – around 31% for both – were treated by female doctors.

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List of companies boycotting Australia Day

Once upon a time, as fables used to begin, Australians could rely on established Australian companies and the corporate world in general to defend Australia and its history. Not any more. The corporate world is showing its lost its backbone. It’s now filled with weak men and wokist women. The companies and individuals below have chosen to destroy the Australia nation, as it originated in Sydney Cove, erase its history, and replace it with a reinvented Aboriginal culture with its accompanying myths. An Aboriginal Frankenstein.

These culturally empty people stink of self-loathing.

(699) ‘Totalitarianism in the name of kindness’: Kmart boycotts Aus Day – YouTube

Kmart under fire for dumping Australia Day merchandise range in 2023: ‘Please explain’ | 7NEWS

Kmart’s anti-Australia Day push is ‘anti-migrant’ | Sky News Australia

Beverley McGarvey Channel 10 Boss
Media Diary: ‘January 26 is January 26’: Ten boycotts Australia Day | The Australian

Sandra Sully Channel 10 newsreader confirms what most people think about her.
Sandra Sully defends Channel 10’s boycott of Australia Day after staff encouraged to work | Daily Mail Online

P & O Australia
The cruise ship operator sent an internal memo to staff last week prohibiting the use of the flag or playing of the national anthem as well as banning any Australia Day paraphernalia. They said they wanted to ‘include’ everyone. What nonsense. They were too gutless to go against the woke activists.
P&O Cruises overturn Australia Day ban following community backlash | Sky News Australia

Telstra – CEO Vicki Brady
The Coalition has accused Labor of encouraging corporate Australia “to change our national day by stealth” after Telstra chief executive Vicki Brady revealed she would work on Thursday, ­declaring that for many First ­Nations people January 26 was a “painful reminder of discrimination and exclusion”.

Ms Brady is, to date, the highest profile corporate figure who has chosen to publicly announce they will be working on Thursday, as the national debate continues about the appropriateness of celebrating the day when Sir Arthur Phillip arrived in Sydney Cove in 1788. (The Australian, 25 January)


Lawyers Herbert Smith Freehills and Gilbert + Tobin

Eve Studio – a yoga and fitness business with locations in Brunswick and Preston, Melbourne.
The businesses going further than an Australia Day boycott (

* * * * * *

Why Australia did not exist before 26 January 1788

(699) Australia did not exist before 26 January 1788 – Part 1: The Voyage Out – YouTube

(699) Australia did not exist before 26 January 1788 – Part 2: Establishing the settlement. – YouTube

The fury of anti-white racism

Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred, Part II

Richard Harrison & Frank Salter, Quadrant, 28 April 2022

Part 1 of this series examined antipathy towards Anglos, who were defined as: people descended from the indigenous population of the British Isles in Australia and overseas as well as those who have assimilated into those populations.

We named this hatred “Anglophobia” in line with other forms of hostility such as homophobia and Islamophobia. As Anglophobia is a form of racism, various dimensions of racism were discussed along with related sociological concepts. Types of Anglophobia were described under the headings vilification, discrimination and violence.

In Part 2 we continue examining types of vilification, especially Critical Race Theory. This ideology has expanded to become an industry, impinging negatively on popular culture, education and much more. Connected topics include the claim that only white people can be racist because racism is a form of power, the replacement of Anglo identity in historical movies, and the firing of a producer of the British television drama Midsomer Murders. Finally, we examine how the accusation of “white supremacism” levelled at Anglo culture is contradicted by that culture not having the highest incomes or educational outcomes.

[4. Are considered prone to racism according to the ideology of “Critical Race Theory”, even when no direct evidence of racism exists.]

Continue reading The fury of anti-white racism

Anglophobia – anti-white racism

One of the most astonishing movements in recent years, backed by theory and the academy, is the steep rise of anti-white racism. Anti-white racism, typically called ‘anti-racism’ by its purveyor, entered the campuses with Marxism in the 1960s, but it has skyrocketed in the last twenty years. It should be no surprise because Marxism and Marxist ideas infect all organs of our disintegrating Western Society.

It’s wrapped in the usual twisted, swollen, obfuscating academic jargon, but its bottom line is a fierce hatred for white people and their civilization, most specifically people from and Anglo background, meaning those from the British Isles or those with ancestry in the British Isles. The worst of its utterances is the call for white genocide. How could this be? Why has there been no effective action to stop its spread?

Australia ended its so-called ‘white Australia’ policy in 1973. (Keith Windschuttle has vigorously challenged the ‘White Australia’ thesis in his book, The White Australia Policy.) Since then the nation has bent over backwards to alter its perception as a racist country. Our immigration policy has been scrupulously non-discriminatory. We have taken people from the poorest, most underdeveloped countries, even those from strikingly incompatible cultures, and given them a chance of a new life for their families. While most immigrants express their gratitude for a new start, there is a growing minority subscribing to the ‘whiteness’ propaganda.

Some of the most outspoken purveyors of Anglophobia or anti-white racism come from countries wracked by poverty and ethnic violence. After receiving an education that has given them a university qualification and the way into the best jobs and political networks they rage about the ‘whiteness’ that surrounds them (see case of Xiaoran Shi). They are blind to the fact that white people were responsible for all the advantages they enjoy.

Until the 1950s, after most of our social and economic infrastructure had been established, at least ninety-five percent of Australians were from an Anglo background. Should a determined campaign of racial hatred reward us for the struggle, sometimes soul-destroying, to build one of the most prosperous and politically free nations in the world? Below are links to articles and commentaries on Anglophobia.

The articles below are the first major analyses of Anglophobia in Australia. At this time, the articles (Pts 1 & 2) are available to subscribers only.

Anglophobia: The Unrecognised HatredRichard Harrison & Frank Salter, Quadrant, 31 March, 2022.
Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred, Part II, Richard Harrison & Frank Salter, Quadrant, 28 April, 2022.

The above is the introduction to the Anglophobia Section under the Issues tab with many links to articles on Anti-white racism.

Noel Pearson is wrong

Noel Pearson is one of the more reasonable ‘indigenous’ people promoting ‘an Indigenous voice in the Australian Constitution’. In article in today’s Australian, Noel Pearson’s lesson is that all Australians can be one as an opportunity to unite the nation, he is reported as long believing:

‘Australia has three stories: Indigenous foundations; British institutions; and multicultural migra­tion. On Friday, he told an assembly of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students – including migrants – that the referendum Australia was heading towards was a chance to reconcile them all.’

But Pearson is wrong on both accounts. A division along racial lines won’t unite anyone. I will defend that claim at another time. Here I am concerned with what he calls ‘three stories’, but more accurately are three divisions or classes of Australian society, the indigenous class implicitly the superior class. It is the alleged foundations that he gets pitifully wrong.

The idea of a nation is not that of a mass of land. A nation is a coherence of traditions, customs, law, manners, and a system of justice, developed over time. Edmund Burke called it a ‘moral incorporation’ . The physical environment of the moral incorporation influences a nation’s growth in a secondary sense.

When Captain Arthur Phillip drove the British flag into the earth of Sydney Cove on 26 January 1788 and later read the public commission to the assembly of First Fleeters on 7 February, he signalled the foundation of a new nation with its cultural and political lines going back to the British Isles. This was the foundation of the nation which officially became known as Australia several decades later.

The many local tribes had absolutely no input into Australia’s foundations, let alone those dispersed around the vast continent. Some of these would not see a European until decades later. As I wrote in my book Prison Hulk to Redemption:

‘It is misleading and false to talk about the Aboriginals before European settlement as “Australians.” Indeed, the word “Aboriginal” is a post-settlement term to refer to a group of several hundred distinct tribes with different languages … This is the hard reality, whether one likes it or not. It would make more sense to adopt a collective noun like “Aboriginalia” to refer to the collection of tribes before settlement. After settlement, everything changed—in the same manner it had done throughout history when peoples were on the move. The peoples of Aboriginalia would, in time, become integral members of the new nation Australia and make their own unique contribution. Aboriginalia would drift into the mists of history.’  

All the present talk about First Nations, land rights, justice, civil rights and so on, presupposes the nation of Australia as I have described it.

Promoting inter-race relationships – insulting black men

Nobody could miss the campaign all over television to promote inter-race relationships. The purpose seems clear enough. The (mostly white) woke mob who control all organs of information dissemination want to dissolve the white population – breed us out of existence. Enough of white supremacy – particularly in white societies like Australia!

In order to succeed in this tactic, the wokists think they have to get the population used to the idea of mixed-race couples with their mix-race children. They must desensitize people’s negative reactions. The most frequent inter-race couple portrayed is a black man and a (lily) white woman.

If I was a black man I would feel insulted.

What a vote for the Labor Party or lunatic Greens means

If you vote for the Labor Party or the lunatic Greens you’ll be voting for a policy of separatism, the formal establishment of a superior class, cultural reinvention, myth-making, the surrender of vast tracts of land, wholesale changing of names, and the rewriting of Australian history.

Setting fire to Old Parliament House (1)

Setting fire to Old Parliament House (2)

How the ABC became Marxist

With the general election just announced, the Australian public should prepare themselves for an onslaught of leftist commentary pouring from most mainstream media, from the kindergarten-level Guardian, through the Age and Sydney Morning Herald to a cluster of upstarts like Crikey, the Saturday Paper and other such forgettable aspirants. But above all, one must prepare for that great billion-dollar Monolith, the ABC, whose Marxist mentality will emerge, despite desperate efforts (by some, at least) to hide their incorrigible political bias. But is it just abuse to call the ABC political hacks Marxist?

Gerard Henderson of the Sydney Institute continually mocks the ABC as a ‘conservative free zone’. Not only is there not one producer or program presenter conservative in a meaningful sense, but there is not a single utterance of conservative thought to be heard anywhere. How did this appalling state of affairs come about when the ABC was once known for its maintenance of Australia’s conservative culture?

Henderson tells us in a comment piece in 2016 that it all started with the ascendance of Allan Ashbolt, long-time producer at the ABC. Ashbolt was Marxist and once a Marxist gets a toe-hold in any organization, steady subversion is the result which only stops when the organization is fully Marxist. So it happened at the ABC.


Allan Ashbolt’s ghost still haunts conservative-free ABC

8 January 2016|Categories: Gerard Henderson’s Weekly Column

Not surprisingly, the appointment of Australian-born, Singapore-based Google executive Michelle Guthrie as the new ABC managing director and editor-in-chief created considerable media interest. Guthrie is the first woman to head the taxpayer-funded public broadcaster and her $900,000 annual salary means she is one of the most highly paid public officials in the land.

For all that, if precedent is any guide, it does not matter much who succeeds the current managing director Mark Scott. The truth is that no one really runs the ABC. Not chairman James Spigelman and his board, which meets just once a month. And, judging by the performance of Scott and his predecessor Russell Balding, not the managing director.

Rather, for decades the ABC has been controlled by various cliques that dominate areas such as television news and current affairs, metropolitan radio, Radio National and, in contemporary times, online publications such as The Drum.

Key national news and current affairs programs such as 7.30Lateline, Q&A, Media WatchThe Drum (the TV production), RN Breakfast and Late Night Live are run by cabals that essentially re-employ or appoint like-minded people.

As Ken Inglis acknowledged in his sympathetic history This is the ABC, the leftist takeover of the public broadcaster began in the late 1960s when self-proclaimed Marxist Allan Ashbolt began stacking the organisation with young leftists. This coterie was affectionately labelled “Ashbolt’s kindergarten”.

It is this culture that has led to the reality that the ABC is a conservative-free zone without a conservative presenter, producer or editor for any of its prominent TV, radio or online products.

This is a sensitive point at the public broadcaster.

Read the rest here …

The Australian censors me again

Today’s Australian has an extensive – I mean extensive – report of the Australian women’s cricket team’s successes, most particularly their defeat of England in the Women’s World Cup 50-overs final. It was not enough to praise them for their success in their category of play. No, once again the sports writer had to go into a delirium of admiration for the women, ending up comparing one batswoman’s performance with Adam Gilchrist, a true star of the men’s game. The report began thus.

Adam Gilchrist has paid tribute to Alyssa Healy as one of cricket’s greatest ever big-stage performers, after she eclipsed his own World Cup heroics in Christchurch.

Gilchrist is being admiringly humble. If he had ever batted against the bowling of the English women’s team, he would have been 500+ not out. It is total nonsense to compare women’s and men’s performances. It would be the same as comparing a boys’ under-16 team with the men’s team. Irritated, I dashed off the following in the comments section under the report.

‘The commentary on the women’s cricket is part of the ideological pretence forced on the general public. Many below the level of the media’s guardian are not fooled.’

It was an entirely appropriate comment, given the body of claims the public must pretend to believe in order to escape social annihilation, claims that would have had you laughed out of countenance a mere twenty years ago. The Australian did not pass it.

Are the Australian’s editors gutless, or do they really believe in the nonsense?