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Ever heard of ESG?

David Penberthy Herald Sun February 24, 2024

As another millionaire CEO loses his job over another PR disaster, maybe it’s time sanctimonious corporations resorted to honesty. There was an interview in last month’s Qantas inflight magazine with the chief executive of the mining giant Rio Tinto. Rio Tinto you will recall is the company which landed itself in deep strife when it emerged in 2020 that it had blown up two 46,000 year-old Aboriginal caves in Western Australia to access $135 million worth of iron ore.

The revelation was pivotal in the departure of former CEO Jean-Sebastien Jacques and his replacement with new boss Jakob Stausholm, the subject of the profile piece in the Qantas mag.

In that article, Stausholm talked about how he has always placed himself at the vanguard of what’s known in business circles as ESG, which stands for environmental, social, governance. ESG is basically the progressive corporate checklist covering everything from carbon emissions and reconciliation to gender equality and LGBTQI friendliness, against which “enlightened” modern corporations assess their conduct as good corporate citizens.

ESG strikes a delicate and often unsuccessful balance between doing the right thing, and coming across as preachy and sanctimonious.

It creates a real risk that companies can be seen as straying from their day jobs.

And it can also set them up for accusations of hypocrisy, as was the case last year when Rio Tinto took time out from its once-hectic schedule blowing up indigenous sacred sites to campaign for a Yes vote at last year’s referendum.

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Insidious Chinese nationalism

Two comments ago, I focused on the power of ethnic voting blocks in Australia. I cited the large Chinese community as an example. It was justifiable claimed that the Chinese community voting as a block shifted enough votes to the Labor Party to enable it to win the 2022 federal election. Why did they get behind the Labor Party? Or, perhaps a more accurate question was, ‘Why did the Chinese community vote against the Liberal-Country Party Coalition?

The second question is more accurate because many, if not all, Chinese residents vote for the party that best represents their ethnic interests. Their ethnic interests fundamentally include their identity as Chinese, an identity situated in Communist China. Chinese nationalism is irradicable in most Chinese.

The Chinese community punished the Morrison government for their fierce criticism of the Chinese government.

Below are three videos which display the sort of nationalism found in the Chinese diaspora – as it’s called. The first begins with well-known youtuber Brendan Kavanagh playing the piano at London’s Pancras Station. There is a group of young Chinese just visible in the background. It seems harmless enough. What could possibly happen in such a cozy, inoffensive scene?

About nine minutes into the video, the scene suddenly transforms to Kavanagh’s increasing bemusement. What develops is partly hilarious and partly sinister.

The second video reveals who the Chinese were, and the third is by an American who has been a resident in China for ten years. He makes some relevant comments about Chinese nationalism, comments that people should take note of in countries that have a large Chinese community. He clearly made the comments as mere observations without any political intent.


The Brendan Kavanagh Affair:


Who the Chinese provocateurs were:


Great surge of nationalism in China.



Chinese go on the attack with lies and distortions. People should watch the original to see the falsehood of the allegations:

It must be a war of attrition against the Russians

I thought the expectations of Ukraine’s summer offensive were far too optimistic. At least, the media hyping of the war was optimistic – even delusional. Now everywhere the media are expressing disappointment that the offensive has stalled. I thought a more realistic stance would have been wait-and-see how the Ukrainians performed with the new weapons and the men they had.

Not far into the offensive, it quickly became obvious the tactics the Russians were adopting . It was a WW1 tactic: dig in and blast the attackers while having a bottomless pit of men they could throw into the meatgrinder. Putin is a vicious psychopath who has no regard for the number of Russian soldiers killed. He thinks he can outlast the weaponry the West is willing to give and the number of men Ukraine has at their disposal.

If Russia wants a war of attrition, let’s give it to them. The Ukrainians must dig in a fortress build-up and pound the lines of Russian trenches. Let’s see how long the Russian population is willing to suffer the losses, how long Russia can bear the sanctions, and how long they are willing to remain the pariah of the world, their friends being the world’s most barbaric regimes.

Frank Ledwidge, military analyst and lecturer, outlines this approach in the video below in a far more expert way than I am able.

Growing momentum for positive vote?

PM Albanese claims, ‘momentum is growing to enshrining an Indigenous voice in the Constitution’? Nonsense. The opposite. There’s growing resistance to setting up an apartheid system favouring mainly city-based Anglo-Aboriginals. He says he ‘commits to holding a national poll in the next 12 months’? Beware the Labor Party’s attempt to rush through the vote/referendum before the resistance spins out of control.

An indigenous woman to support

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s Newsletter of 8 April 2022

The left love to use Indigenous Australia to win political points.

They think that if they acknowledge traditional land owners enough, talk about changing the date of Australia Day, support Black Lives Matter and join protests about deaths in custody, we’ll all vote for them.

We all know the left think they have a monopoly on minority groups.

It’s the “soft bigotry of low expectations”.

They do their best to distract us, keep us angry and divided about the problems of the past, hoping we won’t pay too much attention to the problems of NOW, because they have no REAL solutions.

While Loopy Lidia Thorpe cries racism because she wasn’t allowed on her tax-payer funded flight because her handbag was overweight, Indigenous women in the Northern Territory remain the most at-risk group for domestic violence. 

Women like R Rubuntja, a founding member of the Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group, who was brutally murdered last year by her own partner Malcom Abbott.

Where was the outcry for her? Where was her ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest?

A woman who had worked so hard to raise awareness of domestic violence in the NT, who was a voice for the voiceless, a mum and a grandma murdered in cold blood by a man with a chilling record of violence against women.

In 1997 this monster was only given 10 years for stabbing two women, killing one. In 2009, just two years out of prison, he was only given five more for stabbing his partner three times. Just after that in 2014 he was only given 15 months for assaulting his sister-in-law. And in 2019, it was just one year for stabbing another partner.


Fatherlessness, drug and alcohol abuse, and black-on-black crime rates going unaddressed mean the country is leaving rural Indigenous communities behind.

It’s all caused by racist white men and the patriarchy.

The left have done their best to remove all responsibility from the shoulders of the perpetrators. They say it’s not their fault things are bad, and only they can fix it for us. 

The left are more concerned with dredging up the problems of history than the REAL problems facing us NOW!

Well sorry, but we’ve tried it your way.

It’s time we find REAL solutions to the REAL problems affecting Indigenous communities.

It’s time we stop listening to inner-city “experts” and start listening to REAL women like R Rubuntja.

Maybe if we focus on the NOW, not the past, we can save some lives.

If I get to Canberra, that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to represent you – and the community I’ve lived in my whole life – by listening.

And when I get to the Senate, I have some things to say, and the people who pay lip service to Indigenous Australians to win some white-guilt votes aren’t going to like it.

See you there. 

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

Country Liberal Party Senate Candidate for NT

Vladimir Putin – a vandal and barbarian after all

Vladimir Putin had reasonable issues regarding Russia’s security – the same America had at the time of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. John Mearsheimer, to whom I referred in previous comments, outlined a background – NATO’s eastward movement – for Putin’s concerns about security in his video, Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? I found his case compelling.

A second reason I had sympathy for Putin’s position was his projection of a Burkean conservatism in speeches that invoked Russia’s rich history, traditions and culture. But the idea that Putin espoused a Burkean conservatism was a chimera – a chimera destroyed by a brutal invasion that has since degenerated into barbarism and vandalism.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine shows he cannot be trusted and that his nationalism is similar to that of Hitler’s or Mussolini’s, both driven by a warped vision of their history. Their form of nationalism must destroy the sympathy of those who think history, tradition, and custom, circumscribed by the natural law, are of fundamental importance to a healthy nation. Nothing can excuse the indiscriminate pulverising of Ukraine’s cities.

The best outcome now for Putin is a Pyrrhic victory, the worst, total defeat. One must have not only sympathy for the people of Ukraine, but also for the Russian people, most of whom clearly did not want a war with the people of Ukraine and who regard the Ukrainians as brothers and sisters.

Old Parliament House – insurrectionists’ act of war

A naked act of war entirely predictable

Insurrectionists, mostly Australians of different degrees of Aboriginal ancestry, some unrecognisable as ‘indigenous’, have been shouting their intentions for years. They don’t recognise ‘ownership or ‘sovereignty’ over Australia by anyone but themselves. ‘Always was, and always will be’ is a constant refrain sung by the complicit government-funded ABC and SBS. These are not empty beliefs. They are intentions and beliefs to be acted on. And they have acted.

They were shouting ‘burn it down, burn it down’ while they piled kindling on the flames eating away at the doors of Old Parliament House. They had no compunction setting alight Old Parliament House. It was a right act in a righteous cause. Their ownership gives them the right to destroy whatever does not meet their insurrectionist/separatist agenda.

And there, yet again, was the seriously delusional Greens senator, Lidia Thorpe, shouting her support for what was nothing else but an act of war.

The insurrectionists have declared war on Australia. Why not give them the war they want?

Is Russia the baddie?

Has power-hungry Putin fixed his lustful eyes on Ukraine?

Commentary in Australia says ‘yes’. Vladimir Putin is just another Russian dictator about to crush a weak defenceless country – a country without the protection of the US and NATO. But this a stereotypical unresearched (even self-serving) view of President Putin. There is far more to the story and it could be the US and NATO who are at fault.

Professor John Mearsheimer provides a compelling case that the West is responsible for the explosive situation on Ukraine’s border in his hour-length video, Why Ukriaine is the West’s fault. If one wants to stick to the case that Russia and Putin are showing their characteristic lust for power, one has to answer the extensive detail in Mearsheimer’s case.

I have been taking an increasing interest in Russia and Vladimir Putin since the Oliver Stone interviews in 2017. Until then I thought of Putin and Russia in the way most in the West think – a communist dictator in a different dress, the Soviet Union in a different uniform. The interviews changed my mind, as they must have with many people in the West who saw them.

First, Putin was open, candid, and endeavoured to give straight answers all to Stone’s questions. Second, and this is what impressed me most, he argued with much verifiable evidence that the West had gone back on promises made to Russia. If Putin was right, then the West was playing a dirty game of shameless lies and deceit.

What? I thought. It’s the communists who are the liars, not us. We’re pure, innocent, keep to our undertakings. No, in this case, if Putin is right (and it’s easily verified), it’s the West who fits the image we have had of the communists.

Since the interviews I have been following developments and viewing the many youtube videos on Russian history and culture. Particularly informative are the Russian vloggers who give a fascinating look at ordinary Russians and Russian culture. As regards Professor Mearsheimer’s presentation, he has merely confirmed and filled out my own conclusions about the Ukraine problem.

The US and NATO are the problem and as of today, it looks they are prepared to unleash a senseless war which nobody wants.

It’s time for a planned resistance

What’s Happening to Australia

My life-long friend and I were chatting recently about the dramatic changes in Australian society since the revolutionary 1960s and 1970s. We both agreed that Australia has had its best years, those years culminating in the 1950s when Australia was one, sure of itself, patriotic and optimistic. A few days later, the essay below appeared, extending our conclusions. It is an excellent essay that serves as a warning to the ordinary Australian. If someone does not act soon to stem the decay, well, we can kiss goodbye to our nation and leave it in the hands of those who hate us.

Daniel Wild, in Essays for Australia, IPA

29 November 2021

For many Australians, Australia no longer feels like Australia. The relaxed, sunny, and optimistic attitude characteristic of the quintessential Australian has been replaced by a deep sense of pessimism, malaise, and a loss of self-confidence and self-belief. There is a growing unease that something has gone very wrong with our country and way of life, accompanied by an unshakable belief that Australia’s best days are behind it.

The spirit of our sunny optimism was perhaps best captured on 29 November 1948, the day the first commercially sold Holden rolled off the assembly line at Fishermans Bend in Port Melbourne. The Holden was “Australia’s own car.” The first car “made in Australia, for Australia”, described by then-Prime Minister Ben Chifley as a “beauty.”

The Holden was more than a car. It was a symbol of national success and hope for the future. The parent company of Holden, General Motors, stated at the time that “the manufacture of a car is the greatest industrial stride Australia has made since the production of steel was introduced in Newcastle in 1915.” And that the start of car manufacturing “will go down as a milestone in Australia’s history.”

It was a time when almost every Australian who wanted a job had one. And almost every one of those jobs was stable, full-time, and available to Australians of any cultural background, skill level, or occupation. It was the era that gave birth to the Australian dream of owning a home in the suburbs on a quarter acre block.

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‘First Nations’ – An oracular class

I have alleged often on this website that Aboriginal activists (mostly the delirious white faction) are agitating for a separatist system of government in Australia. Theirs is an apartheid, though, with a huge difference from the South African system in which black Africans were the inferior race.

In our local activists’ vision (not all Aboriginals are activists), white Anglo-Celtic peoples who established and built the Australian nation with absolutely no input from the disparate Aboriginal tribes roaming the continent, constitute the inferior caste.

But Australia’s Aboriginal activists (particularly the white ones) are not the only indigenous group struck down by delusions of superiority. In all countries where Europeans founded a new nation you have a similar a group of ‘First Nations’ people pontificating to the bad white (mostly Anglo-Celtic) folk, often from fat-cat positions in government and non-government organizations.


Confession and Conspiracism in the Church of Social Justice

Jonathan Kay, Quillette, 22 Nov 2021

“Indigenous peoples have been stewards of this planet since time immemorial,” tweeted Canadian Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault from the Glasgow Climate Change Conference earlier this month. “The fight against climate change is not possible without their knowledge and leadership.”

It was an odd thing to post. In recent years, many Canadian Indigenous groups have become full commercial partners in oil and gas development projects, and so have no particular incentive to apply their “knowledge and leadership” toward assisting white environmentalists such as Guilbeault in limiting carbon emissions. But even if First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples fully answered his call, it’s not clear why they would have any special insights to offer in regard to how densely urbanized nations such as Canada can best shift their industrial base, power generation, and transportation networks to low-carbon fuel sources.

But for Canadian progressives, Guilbeault’s intended audience, his message would have made sense, as it channelled the officially endorsed conceit that Indigenous peoples comprise a sort of oracular caste, whose folk wisdom shall inform the project of planetary salvation (or as one magazine headline writer rapturously put it, “we need Indigenous wisdom to survive the apocalypse”). Canadian progressives, a constituency once defined by fastidious secularism, are now experiencing a sort of Indigenous mystical awakening—a northern variant of the phenomenon described aptly by John McWhorter in his new bookWoke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black America.

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