Who is Australian?

The message below was included in the latest email from the federal Liberal member for Bowen, Henry Pike. Not only do Redlands public school teachers display their bigotry and adherence to the system of apartheid proposed by the Aboriginal elite, they show a deep-seated ignorance of what constitutes a nation.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect primary school teachers to be versed in political philosophy. But you expect them to have an inkling of what aspects would be considered when talking about the concept of nation. I refer the reader to the links on my homepage where I deal with the idea of nation in detail.

The essential aspect of a nation, however, is that it is a moral and political incorporation of a people developed over time and not just a mass of land. Indeed, a mass of land is a mass of land until a people organize over it. Australia refers to the nation built by the British settlers after the arrival of the First Fleet. The Aboriginals had little to do with it.


Henry Pike MP:

This is a slide used in a Redlands public school last week to teach our kids that a non-indigenous Australian should be referred to as an “occupier” or “coloniser” but shouldn’t be called “Australian”.