For hundreds of years, the Irish lived like serfs in their own land. Protestant England was the remorseless oppressor. Irish Catholics had rather live in abject poverty than surrender their faith to the oppressor whose actions were more motivated by politics than Christian belief. The English rule in Ireland was the blackest page of English history. Irish independence came with the cost of much blood and struggle.

But the Irish Catholic’s determination to cling to their faith has suddenly collapsed. In the last twenty or so years. the Irish have surrendered to the Marxist agenda, otherwise known as political correctness or wokeism. The Marxist capture of Ireland presents a paradigm example of the Marxists’ success worldwide, especially in the English-speaking countries. The surrender of Ireland presents in sharp clarity what has happened – is still happening – in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Britain.

One dissecting Ireland’s collapse is Dubliner Dave Cullen whose youtube channels are Computing Forever and the Dave Culllen Show. Dave has produced a series of videos on Ireland which I strongly recommend. The first of them below sets the issues. As my DNA is 18% Irish, meaning I have Irish relations in Ireland, I feel I have an interest in what happens there.

Ireland: The Past, Present and Moral Inversion


The Battle for the Soul if Ireland – Grand Torino interviews Dr E Michael Jones

What the bleep happened to Ireland – Patrick Coffin with John Waters

Ireland, Hate Speech Laws and Rising Patriotism, 2 December 2019

The new Plantation of Ireland, 26 November 2019

Discussing the state of Ireland with Hermann Kelly – 14 November 2019 Hermann Kelly is President of the Irish Freedom Party

Ireland Can Turn The Corner – 8 November 2019

Ireland’s Destiny

My Thoughts on Ireland’s Future

The State of Ireland – 23 November 2018. Discussion with Justin Barrett of the National Party of Ireland

UN Migration Pact: Europe & Ireland

Ireland vs “Fake News”: I May Have to Emigrate


An Interview with Philip Dwyer, National Party Candidate

How Ireland has changed

IMPORTANT:Irish General Election February 8

See Dave’s Computing Forever for more Irish comment.