Far right! Far right! Far right! – it’s become a fetish

Nobody’s rightwing anymore, or even conservative. Anyone to the right of centre is far right. Of course, we know the key reason for this. It’s immigration.

For those on the leftist spectrum, the mention of immigration is racist. The left controls the media and the left want to fundamentally change Western Society – meaning destroy white Anglo capitalist society. So, the media chiefs brand any mention of immigration as ‘far right’ and prescribe the label to their reporters.

Thus, every wet-nose cub reporter to the high-and-mighty in the media refer to those transgressing their rules as ‘far right’. The rise of so-called ‘populist’ parties in recent times and their expressed concern about migration has meant the cry of ‘far right’ continually echoes through the media firmament.

As one goes from one report to another, from one instrument to another, from one platform to another, one is driven to the edge of madness. It’s like the water torture.

But if the unceasing cry of ‘far right’ is a torment to conservatives like me, I have noticed that many reporters get a thrill from its sound. Their eyes bulge, their cheeks redden, and a shiver shakes their posture. It’s like the workings of a fetish.

I watched one reporter give a long account of Marine Le Pen and her party Rassemblement National in the French elections just concluded. She couldn’t mention Le Pen’s name or her party. With flashing eyes, it was the far right, the far right, the far right, obviously meaning Le Pen and her party.

I’m sure that reporter was wet between the legs when she finished.