Multiculturalism in Australia

Originally the policy of multiculturalism, which developed in the 1960s, was to allow multi-ethnic groups into Australia as part of a broader immigration policy. The one requirement was for migrants to ‘fit in’ or integrate and accept Australia’s culture as it had developed from the foundation of British Isles custom, tradition, law and government into the unique nation it was by the 1950s. Migrants were not asked to deny their national background but merely to fit in – join the team.

Under the influence of Marxists, who now control Australia’s switch points in all sectors, that view has changed radically. Integration has become a dirty blasphemous word. Migrants are not only allowed to come and claim their piece of Australian real estate, but are positively encouraged to retain all aspects of the culture they left behind often in countries of social violence, devastating war, poverty, and total absence of opportunity.

They are called community groups with their country of origin tagged onto Australian – thus Somali-Australian, South Sudanese Australian, Bangladesh-Australian and so on. In reality, such community groups with vastly different cultural backgrounds are colonial groups. They are colonising Australia under a policy of neo-colonialism. The most fervent supporters of this neo-colonialism are the billion-dollar government funded ABC and SBS, staffed by culturally hollow people. Indeed, multicultural SBS is a bastion of anti-white racism (see tab Anti-white racism).

While the Marxists encourage every different cultural group to maintain their identity, no matter how incompatible with the majority of Australians, they doggedly pursue the Marxist agenda of sabotage, subversion and demoralisation of Australia and Australians – Australians without any tag but are sneered at as white, supremacist, and racist.

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