Bubbling up from hell

Policy From HELL: A Better Name for Leftist Ideas

Garrett Ward Sheldon, GENZCONSERVATIVE, 6 August 2021

I have long thought that there must be a chamber in Hell called The Department of Absurd Ideas. 

There, day and night, dozens of demons come up with the most ridiculous, crazy ideas and send them up to earth. Some of the most award-winning (The Red Badge of Lucifer, The Dragon Medal, and Ribbon of Satan) ideas include: abolishing private property will increase prosperity (Communism); twelve-year-old children can decide their gender; an environmentally-safe pipeline that increases energy and national security should be stopped; and the best:  a senilecorrupt moron should be the most powerful person in the world.

The realization of that last one prompted a wild celebration, including champagne (albeit hot) and well-toasted croissants. Sometimes this Infernal Division even awards its earthly minions with devilish look-alike contests!

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