Cowardly leftist thugs in Marxist Andrews’ Victoria

For more than fifty year Marxist thugs have beaten, bashed and intimidated with impunity. The leftist class protects them because they are their violent proxies given the task to shut down dissent. Ninety-five percent of Australia’s political violence is carried out by the proxies of the Greens, GetUp, other sundry Marxist groups, and the hard left of the Labor Party.

The masked thugs swagger into their violent confrontation with ordinary people knowing that they are untouchable – and knowing that the leftist media will not show a jot of sympathy for the ordinary citizen punched to the ground and bleeding from wounds inflicted by fists, sticks and batons. Most Australians watch this regular violence with growing rage, rage that has been the grounding for society-wide rebellion.

Well-known (and effective) conservative commentator Andrew Bolt was on his way to a book launch in Melbourne’s Carlton when he was approached by a woman asking for a selfie. While Bolt was obligingly posing with the decoy woman, a couple of masked Leftist thugs raced up from behind him and threw something in his face. Bolt, taken by surprise, reeled to the right but soon gathered himself and went after the cowards. Fighting off two thugs while a third filmed the episode, he managed to land a few solid blows – and a well-aimed kick. The masked cowards turned on their heels and hightailed it, leaving Bolt with a suit ruined by some sort of oily liquid mixed with glitter.

Most Australians would have cheered at the sight of Bolt giving it to these contemptible bastards. They could be at least be pleased they had copped it. They know that nothing else will be done about it and the leftist media will manufacture a scenario that holds Bolt responsible.

The first video below seems to be by the third person filming the event. The second video shows him lining himself up for filming before the thugs approached Bolt. He too raced off like a scared rabbit. And the woman decoy? She disappeared as soon as she saw things weren’t going according to the storyboard. What despicable deceit.