Islam without the tinted spectacles of political correctness

Fr Paul Stenhouse MSC PhD is an acknowledged expert on Islam and the Middle East. He began a series on Islam in Annals Australasia in March 2015. There are ten outstanding articles in the series covering all aspects of Islam (historical, cultural, religious and philosophical). Most important of all for a clear unbiased understanding of Islam, they are free from the Marxist framework of political correctness that vitiates most media commentary on Islam. The ten articles will appear on this website, beginning with the first three. Follow the links below:

Islam I – Christians in pre-Islamic Arabia: islam-1

Islam II – Setting the stage for Muhammad and Islam: islam-2

Islam III -Islam, the sword or the tax: islam-3

Annals Australasia describes itself as a ‘journal of Catholic culture’, first published in 1889. It is a magazine of the first quality with articles by experienced and well-qualified writers, some of whom are well-known to a general Australian readership. Its articles, commentaries and reviews cover social, political, philosophical and religious issues with appeal to non-Catholics as well as Catholics. Fr Paul Stenhouse has been its editor at least since the 1960s. For subscriptions: